Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Truth

Hello World,

The truth is hard. Often it is easier to just believe what you want to believe. But facts are stubborn. 

Very recently my name and my values were publically slandered by a man who has a very popular blog on RVing. Shame. He claims to know my family. He does not. Many years ago I showed him kindness, offered him shelter and acquainted him with friends of mine in Mexico. Even though he is double her age, he fell in love with my then wife. I will not ask anyone to consider her motives in cultivating their friendship, only to observe without bias their relationship. This man has made many false claims against me and and my children. I now sleep in fear that he will seek to justify his false assertions against me and my children. His blogs have recently been purged of most of his remarks. How funny is that? (fortunately, a couple of friends make screen shots of them)
This man has not had a conversation with any of my children since they were very young. He has publically lied about me and defaced my character and integrity as a parent. He lied and said I was an irresponsible gambler - a total lie! Why would he say such a thing? All of my time, money and resources go to my children, Now and always have. And since he does not live anywhere near us, and never visited us and does not write - how does he get his information? There are many family friends who are alarmed about this and the threats placed against me. Some have called for legal action. Think about it for a moment - what kind of damage does that do to someone who has been publically been accused of mistreating his own children??
I sleep in fear of my life after reading his public tirade about arming himself and doing justice to those he feels have maligned him. This man has done great harm to my children and to me.


"The Truth Shall Set You Free"


Actions Speak Louder Than  Words


  1. I'm sorry for you. As a victim myself of slander I understand what you're going through. One day I expect/hope to write my story as well. Good luck.

  2. Thank you for having the conviction to reply! It is sad that others will not voice there opinion. I welcome all, from those who disagree with me and those who can relate.

  3. I follow his blog and he almost seems bipolar to me, he has extreme mood swings. Just on the face of things you are raising your kids and their mom is living the single life, pretty telling, talk is cheap, your walking the walk.

  4. I've been concerned about him ever since his son took his life. That seemed to be his undoing.

    He tends to think he could never be wrong and that's doubly scary.

    That said I haven't read anything on his blog that sounds like he wants to hurt you. Maybe I've missed it but I read him often.

  5. Thanks Don for being open minded. Read the 'comments from July 19th and the response to Cece's posting. After that you will find my response.

  6. I think (although it's simply my opinion) that he is showing signs of senility and yes I'm sure he thinks somehow he and Weng can become much more. But I still have strong doubts that he would act out on his threats.

    But by all means keep your eyes wide open.

  7. Can't argue with anything here.

    And Don is right, he's all talk and no walk.