Saturday, August 12, 2017

Slept In........

It is afternoon,

Thomas is visiting with Cholie, going rafting with friends. I am being domestic on this lovely day - cleaning the house and preparing for the laundry. I did not get to it yesterday and it is building up a bit.......

Work at the roadhouse was busy last night. A great band and loads of really happy people. It was a very, very long day and my emotional strength was at an all time low - the events of the divorce proceeding had sucked my soul very dry and I left feeling so damn empty and small. Small because I spend soo much of my time, money and soul on this endless divorce. I did not ask for it, I have not asked to put it off and off. 

Tomorrow I will write a little about it. Not out of anger or spite or meanness - rather I will write about it to help heal myself. 

But, I got home late last night from work and I slept in today until almost 7am. Well, I need to get back to it.......


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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