Sunday, August 13, 2017

First Rain In A Long Time

Good Wet Morning,

It has not rained here in western Oregon for a couple of months. At around 3 am it began to rain. We have put a lot of time into rebuilding the house this summer and there is a lot of construction stuff/tools that are outside. Some are getting washed by the rain......

So, at around 4am I did the first load of laundry. Teenagers make a lot of dirty clothes! Then dishes. Teenagers make a lot of dirty dishes!.....

Time for Mr. Brooks.....

Make coffee and turn on the t.v.     Ouch! The racial demons have been unleashed by Donald Trump. What an ass he is. Charlotte North Carolina.   Nazis and KKK and skinheads kicking and killing. My god, and we all just sit around and let it happen.

Shame on us all.


Actions (or lack of) Speak Louder Than Words

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