Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Carter & Dress Rehersal

Good 4:30 am,

Yesterday it was really hot, today will be even hotter. No rain here in the Pacific NW for over 40 days. Why is that?

Carter has been going to the ACMA (Arts & Communication Magnet Acadamy) summer theater intensive course fulltime now for the last 5 weeks. 4 days a week I take her there and then pick  her up. It is a lot of driving but it is really worth it. Like most public schools there is never enough money (and why is that?) so yesterday we had to go to the local Goodwill to buy part of her costume - she plays the part of 'Little Bob' in this years production of the broadway musical 'Smile'. Performances will be this week!

Then I will have 3 weeks or so before school starts again. 3 short weeks to get a million things done around here and prepare for the coming winter. Yikes!

"No one said it would be easy,
       No one said it would be this hard....."

                          - sheryl crow

The day is starting


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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