Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Very Busy Time!

Hello World,

Busy personal time......frightening time in the world. Two mad men with the power to destroy mankind are channelling pure crazy testrone overload. You can feel it everywhere.

At home we are all overworked. I have not had any time off for 18 months. It is HARD being a single father of 3 school age kids! Too much of my time and money goes to the endless divorce proceedings and the ex offers ZERO support. The kids suffer greatly. I am weary of the uncertainty in our lives. The ex left us 2 years ago.....we have paid the price for her freedom.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


  1. Don't know how any parent can be that selfish, especially a mother. Total bullshit, kids come first above all of our needs, I can tell you feel that way also. Maybe if they ask for help?

    1. Thank you Shelley,

      I do not know who you are but I can see that you are a woman who understands the truth when you see it! MY CHILDREN ARE MY LIFE. PERIOD. I am sad beyond words that my childrens mother would put money above family. The children have asked for help and the judge in our wretched divorce has assigned both of them attorneys to look after their interests. It is important to remember that she left our home more than 2 years ago - walked out on us without explanation.