Friday, July 28, 2017

When I Became An RV Person

Good Morning,

You know, inspiration to write things comes from the funniest places sometimes. I find myself reacting to all sorts of things - The safety and feeling that we were on the right track under Obama and you can see it in my blog of years ago. Now I write, as many others do, of the tragidy that has taken us here in America and the world by the insanity of our "leaders".

I am sad and afraid for my childrens future.

I am inspired by what I read, hear, see and smell. This morning I was inspired to begin writing about the adventures I have experienced in my life as a RV Person over the last four decades. Or longer, I guess it really all began with the first car that I bought - a 1958 MGA. I have always been the independent type who loves camping and so it was no suprise that I always keep a canvas tent (no such thing as nylon pop up tents back then) in the trunk of the car. It was not until 1975 that I bought my first RV - a 1955 Chevy shortie school bus that had been converted into a camper sometime in the 1960's. I traveled all over the USA in the old bus until I landed in Oregon years later. I found a little paradise, drove the Chevy in to it and it has never left. Not even once. Since then I have had many RVs and driven many, many miles.......

more later, the day calls


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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