Friday, July 21, 2017

The Passing Of My Brother David


My brother David died on July 9th. I love him and I cared for him and he lived with me, here at our home, for 22 years. 

I have decided to return to my blog after many years of silence. There has been a reason for the silence and it has been personal. I have no wish to write a bunch of safe, sanitized mush to appease myself or those who would find entertainment in my musings. As others do. What you will read here is real and raw and uncensored. I write first and foremost as a dedicated and committed single father of 3 wonderful school age children. They are my life and there can be no disagreement on this matter.

I have decided to return to blogging not to defend myself against the bias of those who know little or nothing of me, but rather to defend the integrity of my children, of our lifestyle, our beliefs and our merits. 

If you are looking for bullshit or name calling or mean-spiritness you will have to look elsewhere. If you want to comment then I welcome any and all creative criticism but if you cannot restrain yourself from making unsubstanciated judgment then I will be happy to reply from higher ground.

I am a busy man and there is precious little time to devote to this type of writing but I will send my regards often.

Soon I will talk about the life and times of my kid brother David Eugene Kohler. I called him Dave, he was and he loved to sing. 

Actions speak louder than words.

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