Saturday, July 29, 2017

The New Printer

Good Saturday Morning,

Well, the old printer died. It happens. Fortunatly I have been awarded a college scholarship and it is ok to buy equipment such as printers and a new laptop with some of the funds. My laptop is ancient and will need to be replaced soon as well. But for now I am excited to install the new

ta da.............

Epson ET3600        it's cool. WiFi with ecotanks - will hold enough ink for 11,000 thousand b/w copies and 8,600 color copies...... and the ink to refil is CHEAP..... (12.00). scan features and all kinds of things......

and it works great.....

soon I will be able to post photos in my blog also so stay tuned....


ps. this evening I will be posting an update about the kids......

Actions Speak Louder Than Words


  1. I'm looking for a printer and have had good luck with Epson that one is a little pricey but may be worth it if its cheap to refill. When my daughter got a scholarship I went to the financial aid office to clarify what expenditure would be okay, sounded like they weren't strict about it, that's in CA. I admire your devotion to your kids.

  2. My printer died too and it's an Epson...had for years. No in the market for a new one when I have the money.