Friday, July 21, 2017

Judgement And Ignorance, Kawena Gets Hacked

Respect. We all desire it, work towards it and if we show it, teach it. We live in uncertain times and many of us would rather believe one side of the story, take comfort in ignorance, strike out when feeling challenged, often create a distant arm-chair reality to  suit their beliefs. We see that every day now in the strange and frightening actions of those who claim to manage our common government. A simplistic twisting of sound bites designed to sway opinion. This Alternative Reality filters down through the public mindset and affects us all.

Respect. A persons name, appearance, values, education and outlook all deserve respect. When we lower ourselves to the pettyness of name calling and public slander we summon up the words of Richard Nixon - ".....benith my contempt." There is nothing to be gained from this infantile behavier - either from our so called elected officials 
, those who touch our everyday lives or from the general public.

Daughter Kawena told me that someone has been hacking her email and facebook. Who would do such a thing? I mean, really? A 13 year old - what for? Her money, her thoughts, her activities, her friends? There was only one other person, besides her, who knew her password in this world and I was not one of them. 

Got to run - taking the Kawena, Thomas and their friend to the mall!

Actions speak louder than words.

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