Thursday, July 27, 2017

Freddy, Reverend Larry & An Early Pick Up

Good Morning All,

I cannot imagine a more lovely morning. I got nearly 8 hours of sleep and work up refreshed.

 Last year I, against all odds, got cast in a feature film to be shot here in Portland. After many re-writes, pre production and some last minute re-casting we are at last ready for costuming and site rehersals. It is a short film about the quest of a middle age woman in her 40's who is confronted with the prospect of divorce and her search for an answer to save her marriage. I play a complex role - the person who provides her with the life changing answer. My character's name is Freddy. I will keep you posted. Daughter Carter was there at my audition and she has been invited to attend the filming.

Speaking of Carter - she had a sleepover last night and I am off to pick her up and take her to rehersal for her musical.

And who is Reverend Larry and why does "God want your money"?  Can a soul be repossessed? You know, like an appliance or car bought on time when you miss your payment?........... stay tuned


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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