Sunday, July 30, 2017

Francis, Thomas, Carter And Minimum Wage

Good Sunday Morning,

It is very quiet, then the neighbor's rooster wakes me. My days are very long. I nap when I can. Yesterday I was called into work and I went so that I could earn a few extra dollars. The dollars go so quickly as a single parent living on a minimum wage of 11.25 per hour. It is hard sometimes to be cheerful and outgoing to the public when your mind is on the work at home and the needs of your children. 

Francis, Thomas and Carter have suffered greatly emotionally and I find that,  late at night when the uncertainty of our lives breaks through the resolve of my strength that I must maintain for them, I weep silently at my desk - alone and wondering where the path of the next day will take us. We did not ask for this pain.

Today begins with a trip to the market. More laundry soap, some milk and bread. Uncle Bill is coming over in the morning - he bought a new rig (new to him) here in my neighborhood and it  needs some repair before he can drive it across town to his home.

He is going to help me move some of the firewood in the driveway to the splitting area.


Actions Speak Louder Than  Words

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