Saturday, July 22, 2017

"And She Didnt Think That Money Was The Measure Of A Man."

Passion - It can cause a person to change his position on almost anything. Seek to remove printed words, suffer the fear of the printed word. You can not unring the bell. As a recent victim I know what I am talking about - about the damage and the emotional pain and the insidious scars it leaves on the innocents. I dont sleep any better than anyone else who is being attacked. Is my life and time less valuable than some one else's? I am I to be punished because I acted with honor? 

I dont think that there is person alive who disagree that Thomas, Carter and Francis are intelligent, compassionate, perceptive and intutitive way beyond their years. As a single father I am both proud and a bit intimated of them. I realize that I will never have the breath of experiences or mental capacity that they possess. They have far exceeded my aspirations as humans.  Yet people talk and children hear and read. So do their friends and they go to school with them. What is to be gained from an ignorant outsider's bitterness, anger and lack of compassion?

Our life is not fiction. Francis recently had serious dental surgery. Insurance did not cover it all. He suffered a lot over months and months yet did not tell me or his brother or sister. He knew that money was dry and thin and that emotional days of pain and separation were upon us. Perhaps you think that I dramatise.......How many of you have comforted your 20 year old child while he was weeping from the pain of not being able to handle it any more? Who did he come to and why?

The Buck Stops Here.

Best Regards

Actions speak louder than words.

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