Sunday, September 24, 2017

How Much Truth Do You Readers Want?

Good Evening Late Night Curious Readers,

My body is very sore from moving 5 cubic yards of bark chips onto the trails today. There is about 30 more yards to do. It looks very nice, smells great and is 100% good for everything, including attitude!

So, I am wrestling with a moral delema. Most of you readers know that I am locked in a bitter divorce with my ex wife, Rowena.  

 Stop, I had a very, very long physical day yesterday and much of it was emotionally draining. I sought to wrestle with some of my feelings on this blog last night and this morning I regret it. For any of those out there that read my ramblings, well, I am human and the pain and the seemingly endless days of the colorless time just before sleep occasionally get to me. I miss the companionship of true love and I am sure that my kids miss the influence of a warm and caring mother. But that is no reason for me to get personal out of frustration - and I dont mean in a mean or vindictive manner, in any way threatening or name calling - I mean in voicing our loss in an open letter public forum in the hopes of getting through, somehow appealing, hoping, that Rowena would read my words and they would appeal to the compassion that I hope she still holds for us. If I offended anyone then I apologize sincerely.

Ok, the day has started a bit early. I am a full load of laundry behind.....

College classes begin in 5 hours and I have much to do.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday Morning

Hello Sleepers

Yesterday the kids went to a friends birthday party in Forest Grove. Thats about a 40 minute drive. On the way we passed the annual Hillboro Oregon Air Show.... So cool! Then off to work. We had a small band that was in the vein of Emmy Lou Harris. Sweet, easy vocals and harmonies. The kids got a ride home so I worked a little late - scraping together the bucks for the annual property taxs..... The last few days, with the  turning of the season, I am feeling a bit more streched thin. Tomorrow classes begin and I am sure that learning will revitalize me. I am now more than halfway towards my goal of an Associates Degree in Environmental Science - in a year from now I hope to be starting classes in sustained food production at PSU or somewhere similar. International Business for money, screenwriting for  the soul. 

Lots to do today... another mountain of wood chips to spread on the trails...


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The President Of The Divided States Of America

Good Morning Sports Fans,

Yea. Our Commander in, well...... the dude has done it again. How do you explain to kids that the man in charge (?) is telling sports team owners that the sport is not violent enough? What kind of signal does that send?

Ok, it is easier to pretend it away. I get that. Select your news and then feel better by deleting what you are not interested in. Or afraid of. In a couple of days college starts again for fall term. Any of you readers want a good dose of reality? Of the hopes and fears for the future - go spend a day on campus. Talk to a few people. Feel the nervousness of those who speak other languages, that came to America to be a good part of society. Watch their eyes. 

People kneel in church too. Are they unpatriotic? The courage to do what you believe in is never easy when the fangs are drawn.

Hey I'm not saying give up movies or t.v. or reading comforting blogs and articles - far from it! I saying look at all sides of the story, thats all.

I hear a lot of stuff up at the Roadhouse. All kinds of stuff from all kinds of people. Last week we had a fundraiser for the victims of the Columbia Gorge a giant flea market, a full moon walk in 2 weeks.... 

But my thoughts are never far from home.......

Back to it. Carter wants to visit a friend who lives pretty far away....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

PS. I received a comment from a vet about my posting. I respect his comments even though I do not totally agree with them. I did make me do a little research though:

I would take the time to read the entire article. This country is about UNITY, not division. It is written in our constitution and is the primary principal of our nation.

Listening To David Bowie's Live 'Heros'

It has been far to long since I have put a tune for you listeners out there to take a listen to....

here are a couple......

ok, I am 64 years old.  I lived through this music and so did most of you... so listen to it...... remember what it was like to be young....

my children are young


Bowie Sings Louder Than Words.....

Friday, September 22, 2017


End Of An Era Readers,

Some say that the truth will set you free. Perhaps. If truth is hidden does it still set you free? What if it is true to you and false to another? The world has changed and there is fear where there once was trust. You can see it on many levels. I am saddened at many of the recent turn of events. I try to show my children that I am a strong man, yet, in my private moments I wonder about the next thing down the road, what type of traffic it will carry and why. Over the last few weeks I have found myself looking at the sky and being really startled when there is a loud noise or a war plane flies overhead. Why? Now I see that a doorway to a ghost from my past is closing. I feel betrayed, not because of someone else's truth, but because that truth is so far from the truth. 

I am glad that Mr. Brooks has a very loud bark.


Actions Of Silence Speak Louder Than Words

Getting Ready For College

Good morning thinkers,

Whoa. There is a lot of real scary stuff going on in the world. Two pretty crazy people out there with really crazy things are threatening the rest of the world. This is serious and almost everyone with a mind and sense of humanity is worried.

Not easy or fun to read. But not exactly a news flash either.

Ok, Fall Term begins in a few days. Books are expensive - my Natural Science book is $160.00 new. I am buying a used loose leaf version for $75.00 .    Also crazy. Why is education so expensive? The most prosperous and powerful country in the history of the world and we cannot feed the hungry or educate the low income for future needs. Why is that? Well, ask any college professor or high school teacher. 

They will tell you.

The day is beginning. I am taking Thomas and Carter to school this morning and I am doing errands before I return home. Today I am preparing the new wood storage area. Moving stuff. Sounds boring but I enjoy the physical end of it and there is a certain amount of mental satisfaction in seeing the space change. Winter is coming. 

We had all better prepare for it. I have a feeling it will be long and cold.


Actions Keep You Warmer Than Words

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Slept In Until 4:45am!

Good Morning Sleepers,

Yikes! Today I slept in until almost 5am! Must have been moving all of those bark chips yesterday. Have now covered almost 350 running feet of trail and about 4 inches thick - helps keep the feet dry and the mud to a minimum. This is something that I do every year - living in a rain forest has it's annual challenges. The kids are up and in the kitchen chowing down on cereal. I eat pancakes and eggs every day but I dont blame them if they get a little bored with that routine. I need the protean and carbos.......

The rain has stopped for now but it is the first cool winds of autumn so I made the seasons first heating fire in the trusty woodstove. Mr. Brooks seems to really enjoy the cooler weather and has now adopted a new space to live in the mudroom. He is not the smartest dog I have ever owned but he really has a sweet and wonderful personality! So easy going. And has a serious bark......


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Day At Home

Hello Homebodies,

Today I will be staying home the entire day! Whoa! This is the first time that I have stayed home for an entire day in over a year. That is crazy. I was laying bark chips on the trails last night until 9:30pm in the rain. Crazy. Today is catch up day. Time to scrub the laundry room floor, sort through old clothing (and give to Goodwill), do some 'deep' cleaning, laundry, clean my room, do some weatherization, write some letters, do some divorce work, work with the kids, do some college prep and move firewood. Crazy. 

I love being a father. I wish I could have another me to help me out.


Sometimes Actions Are More Crazy Than Words

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wonder Woman With Carter & Thomas

Movie Fans,

Last night we went to the Valley Theater, where Thomas and I  work and saw Wonder Woman. So fun, lots of action! Then home to bed. Today is rain, domestics, work.... 

My blog may get a bit boring without the dumb drama of dumb drama but it will be informative - the Life Of A Single Father.....

Oh, yea, also, moving bark chips... the annual ritual now for decades and decades - over 1000 feet of trails - where does the bark dust go? This year I am spreading 36 yards. Thats a lot!!
30 minutes a day and that helps keep my good looks looking good.


Actions (like spreading mountains of bark chips so that the trails are not muddy on the way to the outhouse) Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, September 18, 2017

When The Rain Comes......

Good Morning Lovers of Rain,

Finally. It has started raining! Not a lot and not non-stop, but rain none the less. It started yesterday afternoon while I was working at the Roadhouse. Cleared the forest fire smoke from the skies. Smelled great. The Pacific North West is filled with a lot of quirky people. Many had decided to use the first rain for a walk in Forest Park which has a trailhead across the street from the roadhouse. On Sundays we serve Brunch. And it is really good. Normally from 10am till 2pm. We sold out by noon. Nice. I got home around 5:30 then took Carter to visit a friend. While she was visiting I went shopping - sundries - cleaning supplies and the like. Then back home. Then to get Carter. Then....

I should have done paperwork. My mind and body needed a break but of those days where the brain would not shut off so.....

I watched a few episodes of 'House Of Cards'... too real but made me sleepy and I was in slumberland by 11:00 or so..

Up around 5 and now starting a very busy day.....

Taking the kids to school.... Carter is having a middle school tea party and I am transporting the tea cups....

I love it


Actions, Like Tea Parties, Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Calm Sunday Morning, Waiting For The Rain To Begin

Good Morning Weather People

It has not rained here in this part of Oregon for a long time - nothing significant for more than 100 days. Thats not real good. The forest fires are burning all over the NorthWest and our days are filled with smoky air and bright red sunsets. It is forecast to rain today and I hope it does. I am off to Home Depot to buy some sundries, laundry supplies, kitchen supplies and things like that. There is a lot to do before college starts next week, and, while I am excited to start again, I am also feeling the challenge of preparing for the winter again. Firewood to split and home weatherization. Do a little car maintenance.

Got to run but will post more later about my distant past and how moving to Oregon came to be.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Repost - The End Of A Friendship & Setting The Record Straight

Hello People,

I know that I will alienate many of you with what I have written and I do not do this lightly. I want nothing else to do with this vagabond that I once considered a friend. I hope that I will never have to mention him again.

This thing with George is just bullshit. Grow up George. Listen to your readers. I have received comments from those who you malign -those who you claim do not exist - that they are me acting as them for some weird, unknown reason making comments on your blog. I am sure that your have your reasons for freaking me out with veiled threats and accusations that ultimately affect my innocent children. That you have some comfort in deleting the comments of those who would try to counsel you from making an ass of yourself. 

What is the real reason you are here? Why do you stealth camp in our neighborhood, on sidestreets near my childrens school? I swear on my soul that I have never called the cops or anyone else on you. You got that? Can I make myself more clear? 

You may think that your are some sort of knight in shining armor protecting a helpless victim from a dastardly monster who would influence children from their mother. What could make you think such a thing? Is that your reason for publicly maligning me, for your attacks on my character? Wake up, look at the facts. Rowena and I were married and now it's over. This is none of your damn business. It is between Rowena and me - not you. She has made her decision and I have honored it. The children and I have not lived together with her under the same roof for over 2 years! What made you introduce yourself into my life over the summer? Who gives you the right to threaten me and my children with your words and actions?

 I know that you are reading these words and I will not make any attempt to sugar coat them with stupid ramblings designed to one feel better about justifying meanness or misguided anger. I am not your enemy George. Leave us alone, stay away from me and my children and our places of work, school and our friends. I dont trust you anymore and I dont want to have anything to do with you. Dont worry, I will not call the cops on you unless your actions force me to protect my children. Your wounds are self inflicted. It takes a lot for me to end a friendship.


George, I really, honestly hope that you get what you deserve - you may perceive that as good or bad, and I wish you peace in your travels but I will not be a party to this madness any longer. I will however, reluctantly defend myself if forced to do so but You mean nothing to me except as a source of irritation, bad influence on things that are not of your concern and damage to my children. Shame on you. I have no time for your paranoia or your deluded sense of honor.

Vaya con dios Jorge, leave us alone.

I would much rather tell my readers about the good times of my life that led me to the joys of Oregon and the simple wonders of being the best father I can be.


Your Actions Speak Loudly With Your Words.

Bon Appetits & Portland Feast Big Bash

Good Morning Eaters,

What a day yesterday was! My day started at 2:30am and ended 25 hours later at 3:30am. I got up early to do legal research and prepare for the hearing before the Court on our request for and extension of time in order to prepare for the Divorce Proceedings. The attorneys and the Judge met for a long time and it was decided to grant the request. I am pleased to tell you that yesterday simple justice was served. It is my sincere hope that a settlement will be worked out between the parties soon - thereby sparing the children any further pain and distress. It is in their best interest for the parents to come to a loving and considerate agreement that puts the children first. I am committed to this.

After the court session it was off to ACMA to pick up Carter and then to Carter's appointment with a counselor. It went well and then we were off to the market. Then back to ACMA where auditions for the fall Shakespeare  production of Midsummers Night Dream were taking place for the students. Then pick up Thomas at the local Safeway where we bought a medium size Jackfruit! Then home again where Thomas cut and prepared the jackfruit for me to take to the Roadhouse for the Big Event. (super sweet fruit). 

The Big Event.

So very cool! Bon Appetit magazine sponsored the 3 day Feast food celebration at Portland's Waterfront Park. The best of the area's restaurant and chefs, along with many chefs from around the country all cooking their best food for the public. Hundreds of cooks! Then, after the Friday event they all came to the Roadhouse for the Bon Appetit private party!! A lovely social gathering with the upper crust of New York city food society, La food society and on and on. They came in waves of Lyft driven cars and totally packed the place. Food stations dotted the tavern and patio and grounds, a fantastic DJ provided tunes and members of the roadhouse staff provided host service. So cool. Our photos will be in the upcoming edition of the magazine. I was able to speak with a lot of folks about Jackfruit and my intentions to broker it. I really hope something positive comes of it. I finally left the tavern about 3am, got home, checked in on the kids and fell to sleep. 

Now, refreshed after 6 hours of sleep I am ready to begin again..l..


Sometimes Eating Speaks Louder Than Words

Friday, September 15, 2017

Reposting Last Night's Entry

Hello All

After some soul searching I have decided to repost my post from last night. I all do that after I finish my late night shift....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wearing Another Man's Clothes Before The Judge

Good Morning Believers In Justice Before The Law,

I am looking in the mirror. I have on my best clothing - slacks, shirt, dress coat and shoes. They were all bought second hand at the Goodwill store. All of my clothing. Many low income people shop there. Where does my hard earned pay go? In a word - my children. You see, I dont care if my clothes are used as long as my children are not. Many of you have written to me about the struggle of single parenthood with no support from the other parent. I have come to accept it and I do not ask for sympathy or pity from anyone. I only ask for understanding.

In a little while I will stand in front of an Honorable Judge wearing my best clothing to ask for an extension for my divorce proceedings. I do not like to do this but my reasons are fair and honest. My attorney has taken ill and a new one has taken his place. He needs time to prepare because it is a complex case. It is also a matter of public record even if it is of little interest to most people. I am nervous because the future of my and my children's life is at play here. My ex has opposed this extension. This opposition was not expected and I do not know yet why it has happened. 

My Best

Yes, Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words

Thursday, September 14, 2017

For What Its Worth

Dear People

I am torn up. I have lost a lot of sleep over this divorce. This thing with George has only made it more difficult. Last night I wrote a long posting wherein I voiced my concern with aspects of this divorce and with George's behavier. I have decided to copy it and remove it for publication at another time. 

Please understand that I do so reluctantly.



Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Coming To Oregon The First Time

Morning History Fans,

I first came to Oregon in the summer of 1973. I was married to Terry Lynn and the union at the company I worked for -  an aluminum parts manufacturing business - was on strike. We knew that it was going to be a long one. I had been saving up money and we decided that it would be nice to head to the west coast. We were living in Yellow Springs Ohio and had heard how progressive and beautiful Oregon was. Back in the carefree (to us at least) days of Nixons last years it was ok to hitchhike.  Lots of people did then so we loaded up our back packs, stored our belongings and hit the road. Our values were simple and pure and we had a very happy life which was easy to take traveling. No real commitments. Just young and in love. 

The trip was uneventful from Ohio to the Rocky Mountains. Quick and easy across the plains. Back before GMO's ultra dense farming became the way things grew in the plains. We felt as though our youth would last forever. Camping every night, cooking around a campfire. We were headed to a mystical place called Thermopolis, the worlds largest hotsprings on the way to Oregon.

An amazing time. More tomorrow.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jorge & Francisco In Happier Times

Hello Folks,

Its late and I have had a long day and I will have a long day tomorrow. Many of you know that I have been reading Tioga Georges Adventures for around 8 years or so. He has written about me and my little family a lot, especially in the early years. I  have found him to be stubborn, tenacious, stone cold opinionated and not easily moved from his opinions, right or wrong.  I have also found him to  be resourceful (as long as the money gives him latitude to do so) and quite set in his ways. You may want to take the time to search his blog (with search engine) to see how he felt about me and the family. I will not ask you to make any judgements regarding feelings that he may have developed for members of my family. What I would urge you to consider however is his general demeanor and appreciative acknowledgement of our lifestyle, of my hard work, of the type of parents we were. Of what we had to offer our children. Its all there. I respected him for his candid observations. Later, I grew concerned when it became apparent that age and physical limitation had diminished his capacity to be as an affective vagabond as he once was. Age gets to us all and we must acknowledge the passing years and what it does to us lest we run the risk of folly. Of hurting innocent motorists and the like. One of the hallmarks of vagabonding is the versitility and flexibility needed to navigate different social situations. Freedom is fleeting at best in  this overcontroled society! Pushing back against reasonable demands by members of authority is just plain stupid. Why eat up your life with  un necessary legal bullshit! 

Somewhere along the line I became a villan in Georges eyes. I can suspect why but I will not bring those notions to light in this forum. But something or someone influenced him to distort his grasp on interpersonal reality. I feel as though I am a total victim and, I , like other recent victims of his paranoria have paid the price. i mean, really, who really believes that there are people out there reading a semi lucid vagabonding blog strange enough to assume alter identies in order to DO WHAT in comment for on a blog that has no financial gain, no social significance and no relavence to the day to day meanderings of a man who refuses to beieve that it is time to  hang up his spurs. 

Enough is enough. I am certain that 'Anonymous' and 'Eddie' and whoever else feel some sort of resentment - even if it mindless censoring to protect a fragile personality. I get that - George needs a boogieman to support his belief, what ever they may be. I dont get why I am that boogieman. 

So listen you fence sitters - follow the money. What the hell do I gain from defending myself and my kids? What twisted reason would compel me to act as someone else? That is just total bullshit and it is time for it to stop. I lose a lot of sleep over this mans stability. I have 3 children living with me in our little home. More than one person has suggested that I appear at this vagabonds trial . I am taking this under consideration but all I really want is for this stupid thing to go away and feel safe again. 

Happier Days when George was a guest and a friend and friend at my home.:


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

PS  I am posting a polite, non threatening commento on Georges Blog inviting readers to view my comments on this blog. It will be interesting to see if it gets posted!

College Supplies

Good Morning Doers,

Today time is short! After the weekly vacuming, laundry, outdoor chores, getting the kids up and on the bus, tending to Mr. Brooks and sorting some paperwork, pay some more bills. I am, at last ready to start my day! First it is off to college to buy my fall term books then off to work at the Roadhouse. Then a few important phone calls and then make arraingements for the kids Chromebooks for school. 

Carter went with me to work at the Cinema last night. Not too busy and we got home just before 9 pm. She did most of her school stuff at the cinema while I worked and we were both beat and went right to bed when we got home. Thomas found some pretty cool music and sent it to me - a band  called 'Dead South', sorta blues and bluegrass but way, way good.
Check them out on youtube.

Got to run....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words......

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Reason To Believe

Good Morning Remembers,

When I was 19 years old I met a girl named Terry Lynn. I met her on the 12th stroke of midnight in a rock n' roll bar back in Dayton Ohio. She was a beautiful girl with long golden, curly hair. Slim, the 10th of 11 children born to a fiddle player from the back hills of Kentucky. All the kids were musicians also. I  had been playing guitar since I was 9 and the draw of this musical family drew me in like an audio magnet. Her brothers, Vernon and Dalford were around my age. Neil Young held an attraction to us that would NOT be denied! Countless hours spent playing in Dalfords old shop honed our edge to a point where people would just stop and listen as they walked by. I bought my second Gibson acoustic guitar new - a real sweetheart. I traded in my old Gibson b30 as part payment. Right after that I bought a funky old electric that sorta looked like a Fender Stratocaster, only a little cooler because the Truesonic of my childhood seemed small and out of date. I still have those 3 guitars to this day. Mostly they sit patiently for me to pick them up, waiting for my life to give me the peace and time to make them sing again.

But back then, in those sweet hippy days of my youth, when there were no computers or cell phones to suck up the hours, when my hair was down to my belt and there was more time in the day - back then when the joy of playing guitar, singing and loving with no cares or thoughts of tomorrow were the meaning of my life - back then I started dreaming about  having children of my own to share that singular joy of fully living in the moment. 

Deep down inside you readers remember what I am talking about.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, September 11, 2017

Stealth Camping Or Stealth Stalking

Hello Number Crunchers,

The Portland Greater Metro Area has about 2,500,00 people, covers about 6,700 square miles and has about 900,000 households. That is a lot of territory for travelers passing through in motorhomes and that would like to find a safe, non-threatening place to spend a night. Many nice big commercial parking lots and even private homes that might not mind an interesting non-threatening traveler spending the night with a little advance notice and permission. Lots of Air B&Bs. A lot of beautiful spots - one of which is called Bonny Slope, my peaceful home for over 40 years, that are filled with schools and many, many children. 

Tomorrow I will tell you all the story of how it was that I came to live here in the 1970's and why I never left!


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The Morning Bus

Good morning former students,

Remember riding the bus to school? Here where we live, in Bonny Slope Oregon, the bus stops around 6:10 am to take the kids to school at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy in Beaverton. It is a long ride for them and takes around an hour. I have been walking the kids to the bus stop now, almost every day, for the last 15 years. So many good memories. 5 more years to go......

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sunday Brunch & The Big Leak

Good Morning Eaters,

Several months ago the Roadhouse began serving Sunday Brunch. Last night the sink in the mens room broke....yup, water everywhere! I returned after the place closed I returned to make the repairs. Carter came along to keep me company. She slept while I did the work. Carter is a great kid. This morning after 4 hours of sleep I returned to finish the job. Now I am finishing a great brunch of Biscuits and Gravy. 

I love working here. The joint was built in 1924. The crew is family. The Roadhouse is filled with the ghosts of patrons who have passed through these doors. I have been coming here since 1977. Now, working here in the quiet of the really early weekend morning I see the shadows of the ghosts - I wonder if I hear their stories in the wind that always moves through this drafty old living gift from the past.

The horse shoe pit is my personal history teacher.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Broken Sink

Hello Hard Working People,

Today the sink in the mens room at the roadhouse where I work started leaking. It is now 2:50 am and I just returned from making repairs so that the place will be ready for sunday brunch. 

I woke up at my regular time yesterday at 4:30 am. That makes a 23 hour day, 18 hours of work. 


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Dear People,

I  received a comment about "dirty laundry". It is easy to find oneself on the defensive when overwhelmed. I do not have any desire to walk this path. It serves no purpose -  I have a washing machine and it is for dirty clothes. I had nearly forgotten that truth is the best protection. Perhaps I may be cut off at the knees by not responding to personal attacks but I will no longer respond to those things. It is possible that no one will bother to read this blog anymore if it does not contain bullshit drama. I dont mind. I am to busy being the best father I can be. 

Thomas and I have work to do. Winter is coming.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Happier Days


It is easy, sometimes, to forget that life is for living, not for anger and division. Often the people we hold my dear suffer most from changes in personality and relationships. 

Our life was so very sweet......

How could I not miss such times?


Actions That Spoke Louder Than Words

Friday, September 8, 2017

Comments Welcome!

Dear Commentators,

I am saddened by the closing of the door of comment.

"It is error only, and not the truth, that shrinks from inquiry"           -  Thomas Paine

I wonder who has been camping in my little family's neighborhood again? I am fearful for me and my loved ones. What would you do?  


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Thomas John & I Cut Up A Massive Pile Of Firewood

Dear friends of keeping warm in the upcoming winter,

A neighbor of the Roadhouse where Thomas and I work had his woodlot thinned recently and gave us the wood. There is a lot of it. Already we moved about a cord and a half home. Yesterday Thomas and I spent the afternoon and early evening cutting and hauling about 3 and 1/2 cords of firewood up out of a small swale and onto an access road. 

Serious work!! I still cant believe that we did all of it. We did this ENTIRE pile yesterday! We left filthy, sweaty and seriously tired but happy that we had done so much towards the joy of keeping warm this coming winter in our little home. Like I said - this is my 41st winter here and it is Thomas's 17th!!

Got to run.


Remember, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The First Day Of School For The Kids

Good morning Firefighters,

While there is no reason to think that any Firefighters read this blog, I non the less wanted to extend my sincere thanks to them for their efforts to save one of the most beautiful areas on earth - The Columbia River Gorge.

The smoke covers the air still here in Portland. 

Yesterday Thomas and Carter started school. Thomas has taken to it with wonderful enthusiasm, it has been an emotional challenge for Carter. Last year was soo very hard for her and the emotional scars she carried then still remain, better, but still there. She worries that the depression that isolated her from her classmates colors the way that she is perceived by her peers. It is a slow healing. 

Carters emotional state directly affects the Divorce proceedings and I must carefully consider her well-being as this tragedy moves forward. 

Family First. Foremost and always.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

For any of you readers out there - take a moment and remember the days of your childhood. The good times and the bad times. Remember back through all the years before you became an adult, before all the endless work, pain, joy and tears of the day to day grind. Most of you, myself included, were raised in a simpler time - not being blasted 24/7 with multi-media, constant advertising, endless news and fully full time connected via a cell phone. Before the time of needing to be 'connected' always. Always.

Times have changed. The days of a 'stay at home' parent are largely gone. It is now nearly impossible for a single parent to give the same type of childhood to our kids that our parents did. In many ways we are the first generation to see the end of the traditional family. And, I for one, find that to be a sad thing. 

I waited until I was 44 to raise a family. I prepared and prepared for it, admired the model of my youth and of the 'third world' family where love and commitment came before the endless pursuit of money and possessions. For many years that worked and our little family was happy. But things change, society changes and education changes. And who has paid the price for this change? In a way, we all have and most of us miss the simple days of our PAST. But, who has paid with their future? Our children. 

So, where do we go from here? I do not know. All of us, deep inside, know what the right thing to do is. WE KNOW. Yet, being comfortable has become the hallmark of our generations. Self sacrifice for our kids has largely been set aside for our personal comfort. 

Those few who read my daily dairies no doubt think that the ordeal of my divorce has colored my life with misery and the pain of 'what could have been' and you are right in good measure. But I believe that my writings are a reflection of many of the things that we all know to be true and choose somehow to simply 'not think about it, not talk about it'. 

"Hard times are only,
      The other side of good time,
But have you ever wished good times would come?

You know what its like,
      To wish good  times would come,
And don't it seem like a long time,
      Seem like a long time,
Seem like a long, long time?"

    - Rod Stewart


Actions Speak  Louder Than Words

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.
                                                 Henry Miller 

Good Morning

Today is the first day of school for Thomas and Carter at the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy this year. Wow, hard to believe that an entire year has gone by! Another melancholy lifetime marker for us all as well. This is the first time that school has started without their mother being a part of the process and there is a sadness that touches the normal excitement of going back to school. Not anything that we talk about but there, just below the surface, none the less. Thomas is now a senior. He has grown and matured soo very much over the last year. Mostly for the better. He has become a young man, suffered soo much through the pain of this seemingly never ending divorce, worked hard on the home repairs, started working part time at a cinema, bought a little motorcycle, gone to his first college classes, had his first romantic involvement and comforted me when I have been down. What a great kid.

Carter's year has been one that has taken her to the extremes of emotion. At age 13 she has had her soul torn out and lived through the horrible pain of self-discovery without the compassion that only a mother can provide. So very many times when my soul has faded to the hollowness of an old shadow watching and consoling her through endless counseling and endless nights of tears she has shown strength and the wisdom of someone far more mature. Her healing has been hard and there is no clear future set out for her to see. ONE thing is clear however - she wants to be HEARD. I do not blame her for feeling lost at times, for feeling like she is tossed around by a legal system that cares more about possession and process than for the needs of the heart and soul. She is brave and strong but she is also a young person of 13 seeking only the happiness of childhood before it is grown beyond her grasp.

You are only young once.

Got to run but will write a little more after they are out the door.


Action Speak Louder Than Words

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Raining Ash

Dear Concerned Readers,

A couple of days ago a kid let off some fireworks in the forest in the Columbia George. That started the 'Eagle Creek' fire. Yesterday it jumped the Columbia River. Amazing. That is a really big river. Now both sides of the George is burning. The interstate is closed and Portland Oregon is under a dense blanket of smoke. 

Last night the ash began falling.

Another monster hurricane is off the coast of Florida and North Korea is setting off H-bombs. Two crazy leaders on the verge of fucking up the world. The tension is everywhere. We all feel it. Every school kid feels it and they want to  know why we adults are doing nothing.

Why is that? Shame on us all.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, September 4, 2017

Rewriting History

Good Morning Observant Viewers,

It is amazing to  me how history can be re-written or just simply deleted! Like many of you I have been following several travel blogs over the years. Most of the time I enjoy the simple mental meanderings of travels and incidents on a day to day basis. Lately however, as the Dawn Of Alternative Facts and Deletion has risen over our country I notice that it seems to have filtered into the ramblings of some popular blog media. Of particular interest is how the 'truth' regarding little things like traffic mishaps, imaginary incidents and the reader remarks that accompany them often see to just disappear!! 

I love fiction as much as the next reader but I worry when fiction translates into the steering column and the brake pedal.....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Uncle Bill, 50 Years Ago, The Big RV & Sunday Bluegrass

Good Morning RV Fans!

Right now Uncle Bill is headed from his home in Clackmas County Oregon to our little home. I went to high school with Bill and we have now known each other for 50 years! Who would have thought. In all this time we have stayed close friends through thick and thin. An unlikely pair - in high school  he was a wild ass and super popular - I was a scrony little light bulb of a kid, together we were sorta like 'Mutt & Jeff'. After high school we both got married and he moved to Kentucky. My marriage ended under good terms and I moved to Oregon. His marriage ended in a storm cloud and he followed me to Oregon where he lived with me and brother Dave here at this very home. We worked together for civil change, for fun and for the events of the day. Then he met Linda, fell in love and got married. I met Weng and got married. We both submerged in matrimonial bliss but always stayed in touch. Linda died and Weng became Rowena. Bill and I have had more adventures than I can recall. 

For the last 7 or 8 months Uncle Bill - he gets the Uncle part because he has always been like an Uncle to my children, especially Carter - decided to buy another motor home to part of his Golden Years traveling with his girlfriend Cathy. A rig that would be a palace of '70s high tech and a strong beast to take him all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. And bring him back in style.
He found  one - a 1979 AVCO... a grandaddy 30' long monster of fiberglass and Detroit Steel. Found it in my neighborhood. Now he is outfitting it today and on odd Sundays here at my place. I will lend expertise and questionable wisdom. 

Then I am off to the roadhouse where we are having a big 'ol outdoor Bluegrass Festival.

I will have more to  say on these two events!


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 2, 2017

RV Living

Good Morning Sleepers,

I have zero idea what the median age of my readers may be. I assume a little older because most of my readers are curious about the generally pleasant ramblings of a well known rv'er. Makes me think for a second though - I have been an rv'er since 1974 in the aftermath of the famous Xenia Tornado. I lost my home and, my then wife lost our unborn child. A life changing event. I bought a 1955 Chevy short school bus that had been converted into an RV. Moved it into a hay barn and them moved into it. A carefree life!  Back then the rigs, even new ones, were very primitive by todays standards. I traveled all over america in that old bus for years - turned it into a Hippy Home with overstuffed chairs and beautiful walnut cabin works. I finally arrived in Oregon, found the home I live in to this day and knew that this was the spot. That old RV has never left this little valley in all these 40 odd years. Of course there have been many other motorhomes and campers that have come and gone in my travels. I find a calm security in the small spaces of the 'Gypsy Wagons'.... a self reliance that is hard to both describe and to duplicate. 

But what I have also found is that every ship must have a port. To aimlessly drift about, endlessly relying on the cover of darkness to find 'safe' places to sleep in cities and towns at the expense of inner peace is a fool's life and leads to a strange type of paranoria. Trust becomes an issue where the artificial security of handguns and weapons offer little true protection, where confusion as to the accepted morals of the area you are visiting blurs with the standards of your own mental stability. 

Of course, this is all relative to where you are passing through! Many cultures, such as the Hispanic cultures of Mexico and south americas, accept and often welcome such vagabonds for their unique perspective, slightly mad lifestyles, economic resources and on and on..... But here in the USA, well, that is different! Here, with some exceptions, one is COMPELLED to pay to live. Most RV'ers
use paid campgrounds - convienent and 'safe'. 

I am a great proponent of personal freedom. The gracious welcome of Home Depot, Wallmart and other large parking lots are used by many and I think that is a great idea. But, unless I simply cannot afford to rent a (at generally reasonable cost) a space for my rig then I:

Run the risk of confrontation or inquiry by local police authorities.

Freak out people living in quiet neighborhoods - I mean really - this is no longer the secure days of the 50's, 60's, or 70's. Most people now have guns and would not hesitate to use them if they are threatened.

Scare little kids who have been told that vagabonds are evil people (I for one, do not believe this!)

Make themselves targets for crooks and drug addicts.


I mean, really, who needs that? These are only my thoughts as an active Rv'er of nearly 45 years and I do not mean to pass judgement on others, simply to espouse my own values. But really, in todays world, it seems very ir-responsible to everyone in society, more so when one can afford the comfort of a nightly paid safe haven. To me, there is little excuse.


Actions (of all types and of all types of people) Speak Louder Than Words