Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Wolf Moon

Hello Readers,

Today is the last year of 2017 and what a year it has been! I work tonight at the Roadhouse and will be home late but the first thing I do in 2018 is to do my Full Moon Report before I go to bed.

My Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Something Someone Sent To Me

I do not cry for me, I cry for my children.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

"Everywhere It's Christmas, It's Christmas Everywhere"

Dear Readers,

Thanks for your thoughts, good or not...... sometimes just sharing ones life is the best. 

Its nice that, at least once a year the best comes out in almost all of us!...


Your Actions Speak Loudly On Christmas

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Adios Weng
June 11, 1994 - December 14, 2017

Ingresa Rowena, 
buena suerte, siempre puedes obtener lo que mereces.

Longest Night Of The Year - My Birthday

Hello Readers,

"What a long, strange trip it's been......"

There is no good way to begin this posting, yet, there is no bad way either. I woke up this morning early to the first real frost of the season. Winter is here. In many ways it feels like winter in my soul. I do have many things to write about and those things will wait for a bit longer - I want to split firewood and reflect. Later perhaps the kids and I will go dig a christmas tree up and plant it in our little home. 

Look late tonight for the sad end of a A World Of Love and the beginning of a new day.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Doing What's Right

Good Evening,

You know, there has been a whole lot things happen since I last wrote only a month ago. NO one wants to think about the shape the world is in. Who can blame someone for choosing ignorance and inaction over fear and disbelief. 

So, instead I will tell you all why it is that I love my children so much. Why I am a friend to my children as well as a father. Now, a lot of well intentioned people out there freak out when they hear that a parent is also a friend to their child. You always hear about the bad apple. Well, I recon if you raise your kids with compassion, understanding, really talk with them,  make them your focus and never, ever forget that they did not ask to be brought into this world, well then, you will have a real child, an aware and thoughtful benefit to any society. I love my kids as a father beyond measure. I also love them as my friends.  There are all kinds of friendships in the world so dont confuse parental friendship with the wonderful best friends that propel kids through their childhood. Thats a different kind of friendship. What I'm talking about is paying your kids the greatest honor that  you can -  true acceptance that they are a human individual. Loving a child is about keeping your word to a child, fulfilling the promises you make to them to the best of your ability. Providing them with every manner of shelter and future opportunities, guidance and choice. That is the mark of a true parent and a true friend. 

 Show them the respect they deserve.

Stay tuned folks...... expect a solstice posting and a good, unvarnished read about what people are prepared to do to satisfy the demands of personal change. 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Super Moon Is Coming

Hello Readers,

I will be posting on Sunday. There is a lot to tell......

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, November 4, 2017

La Luna Llena y El Dia de los Muertos y Francis Emiliano Zapata

Hello World,

Another turning of the moon. It is still dark outside and my day began a couple of hours ago. The Full Moon has been lovely here in chilly Portland Oregon and a lot has happened in the last month!

A little music to set the mood.....

The divorce drags on. The emotional and financial cost to the family is crushing. It seems to hang over us like a bomb, frozen in the space above us and ticking. I cannot say more. 

My college studies have been challenging and finding the time to be the best student has been impossible with everything that is going on. 

And a word about Carter. I love Carter. She is hurting. This divorce has ruined this part of her life. She is compelled to live in two places and feels as though no one, outside of her home listens to her, and that she is being tossed around  by the legal system. It has affected her schooling dramatically. She continues to excel in her drawing abilities, amazing art really but all so very, very sad. The raw emotion that she puts onto paper screams at you. She does not write much anymore but when she does it unleashes rivers of tears. I would trade my every breath and my soul a thousand times over to see her happy again. These words of truth are not easy to put down and I am reluctant to write them but there can be no healing when things are swept under the rug of falsehoods. One day at a time.

So, what good news? Not enough to merit a missive full of prose and creative writing today I am sad to say. But.......

Son Francis turned 21 years old 2 days ago on the Mexican Day Of The Dead. I have planned on that event since he was baptized in the little fishing village of Santa Cruz, Nayarit in the spring of 1997. 

I went to the bank and got a crisp new 10 peso note and hid it away all these years. It has Emiliano Zapata, Francis's namesake, on it. 

For his birthday I framed it and gave it to him at a little gathering at the Skyline Tavern after he got finished with the day's classes. For the first time he could walk into a tavern. Since he does not drink alcohol he had lemonade. I saved all of the one dollars bills I received as tips over the last year tending bar, wrapped all 500 of them in his baby blanket and gave it to him as the patrons and staff of the roadhouse all sang Happy Birthday. I am sure that he will never forget the moment and neither will I. He is an inspiration and a strength to me, his brother and sister, his classmates, teachers and friends. I could not be a prouder father. The money goes to his education and I am sure that he will spend it wisely. On the way home afterwards he told me that he loves me. I cried tears of joy for the first time in far too long. 

Some other good things have happened also in the last month. Francis, Thomas and I were awarded Pell grants for college next year. Thank you President Barack Obama for your faith in the students of America. My college scholarships paid for the gear for my Audio Engineering Course, and, while a real challenge to master, has been of great benefit in the completion of our little home studio. All of the children will use it in their studies and interests. Against all odds my health continues to improve - leaving construction work was the best thing I have done for my health in decades. Our home passed the insurance companies physical inspection with no problems. The mighty Batmobile (1989 Geo Metro) has been a true 40 mpg champ - while small it is enough to retire the Honda mini van and save 90bux a month in auto insurance. Mr. Brooks the wonder dog is happy guarding the home and is maturing nicely. 

So, that's it for now. I will write again next full moon. Thanks for your time.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Remember that.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon Posting

Full Moon Fans,

Well, today is the Harvest Moon. And my first post on a full moon. Yea, I know I said yesterday was the last for a while. But that was a bit premature. You see - there are a few things that I want to say. I blogged the night that Tom Petty died. I liked Tom Petty's music. I liked Tom Petty even though I did not know him. Anyway, the weight of all the stones I'm carrying got the better of me and I rambled off some emotionally disgusted verbiage directed at the world in general, but also at me. 

A message of the pain and the trials that the world is going through - with us Americans working so hard all the time that we wind up letting  terrible things go on in our society because we are just too tired or too numb to have the energy to do anything about it. But THINK about it people. We all know that things cant last too long when 1% of Americans own 25% of the countries wealth. Something is going to snap in the system - the load is getting to be too much. In order to generate this wealth more labour hours must be put into the system. And dont confuse working for money as the same as working for yourself on a home project, having a vacation, anything. 25% of your work, time, play and money is going to the 1%. Buy fishing licence - 25%,
make $200 in overtime - 25%, Wait in traffic and burn a gallon of gas - 25%. It is no secret. It is all around us and we pay and pay and dont even realize it. Imagine this..... you own 75% of your car. Billionaire Slim owns the other 25%. One out of 4 things you do with this machine you do for his enrichment. Every tank of gas you buy, set of tires, I-tunes download....

The formula works for everything. The point is that sometimes I write in prose like I did the other night. Like most people I make mistakes. None of mine are malicious but they are opinionated and often confusing. I reserve the right to change or remove any thing that I wrote at any time if I feel that it do is supported by my moral code. Also I will remove any comment that I feel is morally offensive or written to throw salt on my or anyone else's wounds. 
Does that make me sound like a hypocrite?  Well, if you were paying for this blog by sending me cash or pushing advertisements on my blog that sent money to me, then I'd say I was a hypocrite. But I'm not, this is a blog where readers are invited guests to the world of my life through my words. Agree with them or not, that is your right, but dont offend your host. That, is simply, bad manners.

So, that's it for the first Full Moon Blog. I'm sure Tom Petty would have rolled up a fattie, laid down on a rooftop and sang to the heavens tonight if we was around. Guess I'll just play his music for him.

 Rest In Sound Tom.

Tom Petty's last stage song. Sept. 25, 2017  Hollywood Bowl
'American Girl'     ironic

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Full Moon Hiatus

Hello Oracle Readers,

I am out of time. Literally. With the kids school, counseling/medical/various appointments, family errands, legal divorce obligations, my school, getting the home ready for winter, my two part time jobs and day to day family responsibilities I now find myself in a pickle. 

Lately the events of the world and my life have cast a shadow over my blog writings, and, looking over them I see that they too closely reflect the negative aspects of everything. This is not me.

So, I have decided to devote that little slice blog time every day to other activities of a more academic nature. I have a steep learning curve this term in college. Starting today, with a few exceptions I expect, I will start monthly only blog installments - every full moon. 

I have really enjoyed showing you all a little of our day-to-day life and hope to never again be put back into such a defensive writing position like the one I found myself in over the summer.

Really, my Best
See you next month

Remember - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Simple Twist Of Fate

Dear Believers,

Some times I feel as though the world is full of demons. Demons barking at the kind, at the innocent, at the deserving. 

"I read the news today....

                           oh boy........."

John Lennon

Does the devil speak of evil? Is his crown one of flowers that are not really there? Some say "What..... in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

Yea, I know, more shit on a blog about the rotten shape of things. A year ago things seemed so full of hope and possibility. I wonder if the wretched events in my personal life are merely an extension of some nasty Turning Of The Wheel. When I started my blog back in '09 the world was in bad shape, economically. But full of hope and determination. Things turned around and that was not the work of the devil. Now, eight short years later the Devil is taking credit for the economy roaring like a Rocket Man. Did I just say that?

" ... this is not really happening...
           you bet your life it is, you BET your life it is...
  you bet your life....."

Tori Amos   

Yikes! I just read what I wrote last night. Heavy. How human can I get? Guess the late night blog after too many 18 hour days got to me. Any of you readers out there catch that rant? I am storing that one for happier days when I can look back upon how hard I worked....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words......Most Of The Time

and now to leave on a positive note:

To Busy To Post This Morning

Understanders of a busy life,

Sorry, just have far, far too many things to do to afford the luxury to post this morning......

Check in tonight after class and family errands for some heart felt reflection.....


Actions ARE Speaking Louder Than Words

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Morning Donuts

Good Morning Eaters

We have a little tradition in our household. As the children were growing up I tried hard to limit the amount of processed sugar that they ate. Rowena had come from a culture where sugar was virtually in everything and she suffered from bad stomach aches all the time. That went away when I helped change her diet. So, when the kids were small they did not eat a lot of foods with sugar. But.... donuts on Sunday morning were the exception. Early every Sunday morning one of the children would go with me down to the local grocery where they had an in house bakery and made the best donuts. 2 each with one extra for the kid who went with me, getting up early.....

But like many well intentioned things it slowly went by as sugar somehow started creeping back into the diet. Soon there were cavities. I blame myself for not being more pro active. But when things got rough with Rowena I did not have the heart to complain about the simple pleasures sugar brought. Now, I regret that. 

So, what does that have to do with this Sunday morning? Well, the diet has gotten better - a lot less sugar. This morning Carter and I will be getting donuts - it does not happen often, maybe every other month. But we can use a little simple comfort in these difficult emotional times.


Donuts Often Speak Louder Than Words

Tomorrow night after classes I will have something important to say about our lives..........

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Being Responsible

Good Morning Parents,

So, imagine - you have worked your ass off to make a few bucks to make ends meet. This month the annual home insurance, auto insurance and school supplies smack you in the face. You are paying down the home repair debt when you run out of siding and must get more. In November the property taxs are due. All on top of the regular bills. An increase in phone, electricity, water and internet over last year. Gasoline prices have spiked. 

Then your child, who you would do anything for, comes to you and asks for 20.00 to go to the new My Little Pony movie. You look around and see your ET piggy bank - the savings for the christmas that did not happen, again, last year.......

You see a few personal items that you could probably sell but, whoops, cant do that because you cant sell anything until the damn divorce is final. You are getting eaten alive over legal costs - money that could have been spent on your kids college education. 

What would you do?


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Thursday, September 28, 2017

And Now, A Word From The Former President Of Mexico, Vincente Fox

Happy Late Night People,

Vincente Fox was president of Coca-Cola, Central America for many years. Then he became president of Mexico. He was a good president, all things considered. He does not like Donald Trump. He has made several videos, here is the latest one. Keep in mind, this is really Vincente Fox, not an actor. 

And he tells it like it is.......

I invite you to take a look:


Sometimes Mexican Words Speak Louder Truth Than Pumpkin Head Does

Classes Can Be Challenging

Good Morning GeoHeads,

You know, going back to College can be a tremendously rewarding experience. This term I decided, mainly due to the pressures of divorce proceedings, to take a load of classes that would not be as challenging. So I am taking an English Lit pre-req from a terriffic professor, a guy who's depth of knowledge is amazing. Hard but worth while and I knew it would be difficult so I am taking another pre-req - Geology. Sounds easy, right? Son Francis is also taking it and he breezes through it. For me, the Labs are more of a challenge! Fortunately we are allowed to work with our fellow students so Francis can tutor me through some of the more difficult spots. Then there is intro into Environmental Sciences. I thought I'd pick this class up to see if there were tools I could use in getting my business degree. There might be. Then, finally, there is Sound Engineering. This one I really though would be an easy elective. Time in the Lab, studying stuff I love. 

Yikes! The digital age has smacked me right in the face! Most recording of all types is now done with software. And the learning curve is Mt. Everest steep. So, I am working on a regime of mind exercises comprised of brain vitamins, extra time with the professor and self hypnosis. We shall see.......

Breakfast, laundry, the dog, the kids and bark chips are all calling so I am closing for now.....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Puerto Rico...."A Very Big Ocean" Away....

Good Morning Readers That Give A Damn,

Puerto Rico is part of the USA. The people who live there are USA Citizens. The richest and most powerful country in the history of the Earth. 

Does anyone really, really believe that an island, located the same distance as Ohio is from Texas, is too far to send help right away?
Give me a break Mr. Trump. Get off of your Golden Toilet and wipe your ass with 100 dollar bills and get to work! US citizens are dying. Your colors are showing and it is not pretty...........

molater when I am not so pissed about the direction our society is headed.........


Sometimes Maps Speak Louder Than Words, Mr. Trump

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Soap opera fans,

I know that your are out there, fans of Victor Newman. I notice that when I write about the drama in our lives then I get comments. When I write about the joy and work of the day to day then there are no remarks.

Perhaps I should write for The Young & Restless.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Filling The Old Brain Up With Useful Knowledge

Good Morning Fans Of Education,

The equinox has come and gone so the nights are getting longer. I pass the laundry on the way to the kitchen. Stop. Clean the lint filter and load the dryer, load the washer. Feed the dog. Make my morning Jo. Turn on the tv - weather and Trump nonsense. Wash the night dishes (where do they come from?) Take out the recycling, walk by the giant pile of bark chips. Bag the trash. Give the first call to the kids. Burn the paper in the wood stove with a little wood to take off the morning chill and heat the water. Sort clothes. Make breakfast. Spend ten minutes with this blog while the clock ticks down to school bus blastoff at 6:10am. Second call for the kids. Thomas wants to know if we have any 3x batteries. We are out so I put it on the list. Take vitamins. Change into work clothes. It is now almost 6am. 

After the kids are loaded up and off to school I will spend an hour or so spreading bark chips on the trails. I like that sort of thing. The smell of freshly chipped doug fir fills the air. I think of all the thousands and thousands of footprints the decades have left upon the trails. Who and why and the changes, yet still the same. The garden is now harvesting tomatos and potatos. The deer have eaten most of the the beans and califlower. 

Then it is time for the morning constitution! Ah, 10 minutes alone with the morning read in the little chalet of ponderation. (I guess I made up that word). Watch the light slowly lighten up the woods and look at the stars last light through the skylights of the outhouse. 

More barkchips.

Make the morning phone calls. So many - school for kids, pharmacy, various appointments, locksmith for Uncle Bill's motorhome, on and on.....

Download and print wed. homework for class. Add dogfood and catfood to list. Go through the bills - end of the month is coming. Yikes! Look at the holes in my favorite sweater and dream of spending a day shopping for new clothes but the phone bill soon blows that fantasy up. Pet the cats. Walk the dog.

Hello outside world... time to begin my day.

Change clothes. Take Francis to college at 9:30. Go to the college libary and do research for Lit class. Compose and begin outline for the first essay of the Fall Term. Study topographic maps for geology - hey, why do I need to take Geology to get a degree in International Business? Dont know, it's a pre-req. Return home with Francis at 3pm. Work on home construction. Take Francis back to college for night class (he is carrying 19 credit hours!!) then go to work at the Cinema with Carter. Then pick Francis up at College. Then come home and do homework and make dinner. 

Ah, the joy of going to bed after a typical day in the life of a single parent.


Sometimes Singing With Mr. Brooks Speaks Louder Than Words

Sunday, September 24, 2017

How Much Truth Do You Readers Want?

Good Evening Late Night Curious Readers,

My body is very sore from moving 5 cubic yards of bark chips onto the trails today. There is about 30 more yards to do. It looks very nice, smells great and is 100% good for everything, including attitude!

So, I am wrestling with a moral delema. Most of you readers know that I am locked in a bitter divorce with my ex wife, Rowena.  

 Stop, I had a very, very long physical day yesterday and much of it was emotionally draining. I sought to wrestle with some of my feelings on this blog last night and this morning I regret it. For any of those out there that read my ramblings, well, I am human and the pain and the seemingly endless days of the colorless time just before sleep occasionally get to me. I miss the companionship of true love and I am sure that my kids miss the influence of a warm and caring mother. But that is no reason for me to get personal out of frustration - and I dont mean in a mean or vindictive manner, in any way threatening or name calling - I mean in voicing our loss in an open letter public forum in the hopes of getting through, somehow appealing, hoping, that Rowena would read my words and they would appeal to the compassion that I hope she still holds for us. If I offended anyone then I apologize sincerely.

Ok, the day has started a bit early. I am a full load of laundry behind.....

College classes begin in 5 hours and I have much to do.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday Morning

Hello Sleepers

Yesterday the kids went to a friends birthday party in Forest Grove. Thats about a 40 minute drive. On the way we passed the annual Hillboro Oregon Air Show.... So cool! Then off to work. We had a small band that was in the vein of Emmy Lou Harris. Sweet, easy vocals and harmonies. The kids got a ride home so I worked a little late - scraping together the bucks for the annual property taxs..... The last few days, with the  turning of the season, I am feeling a bit more streched thin. Tomorrow classes begin and I am sure that learning will revitalize me. I am now more than halfway towards my goal of an Associates Degree in Environmental Science - in a year from now I hope to be starting classes in sustained food production at PSU or somewhere similar. International Business for money, screenwriting for  the soul. 

Lots to do today... another mountain of wood chips to spread on the trails...


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The President Of The Divided States Of America

Good Morning Sports Fans,

Yea. Our Commander in, well...... the dude has done it again. How do you explain to kids that the man in charge (?) is telling sports team owners that the sport is not violent enough? What kind of signal does that send?

Ok, it is easier to pretend it away. I get that. Select your news and then feel better by deleting what you are not interested in. Or afraid of. In a couple of days college starts again for fall term. Any of you readers want a good dose of reality? Of the hopes and fears for the future - go spend a day on campus. Talk to a few people. Feel the nervousness of those who speak other languages, that came to America to be a good part of society. Watch their eyes. 

People kneel in church too. Are they unpatriotic? The courage to do what you believe in is never easy when the fangs are drawn.

Hey I'm not saying give up movies or t.v. or reading comforting blogs and articles - far from it! I saying look at all sides of the story, thats all.

I hear a lot of stuff up at the Roadhouse. All kinds of stuff from all kinds of people. Last week we had a fundraiser for the victims of the Columbia Gorge a giant flea market, a full moon walk in 2 weeks.... 

But my thoughts are never far from home.......

Back to it. Carter wants to visit a friend who lives pretty far away....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

PS. I received a comment from a vet about my posting. I respect his comments even though I do not totally agree with them. I did make me do a little research though:

I would take the time to read the entire article. This country is about UNITY, not division. It is written in our constitution and is the primary principal of our nation.

Listening To David Bowie's Live 'Heros'

It has been far to long since I have put a tune for you listeners out there to take a listen to....

here are a couple......

ok, I am 64 years old.  I lived through this music and so did most of you... so listen to it...... remember what it was like to be young....

my children are young


Bowie Sings Louder Than Words.....

Friday, September 22, 2017


End Of An Era Readers,

Some say that the truth will set you free. Perhaps. If truth is hidden does it still set you free? What if it is true to you and false to another? The world has changed and there is fear where there once was trust. You can see it on many levels. I am saddened at many of the recent turn of events. I try to show my children that I am a strong man, yet, in my private moments I wonder about the next thing down the road, what type of traffic it will carry and why. Over the last few weeks I have found myself looking at the sky and being really startled when there is a loud noise or a war plane flies overhead. Why? Now I see that a doorway to a ghost from my past is closing. I feel betrayed, not because of someone else's truth, but because that truth is so far from the truth. 

I am glad that Mr. Brooks has a very loud bark.


Actions Of Silence Speak Louder Than Words

Getting Ready For College

Good morning thinkers,

Whoa. There is a lot of real scary stuff going on in the world. Two pretty crazy people out there with really crazy things are threatening the rest of the world. This is serious and almost everyone with a mind and sense of humanity is worried.

Not easy or fun to read. But not exactly a news flash either.

Ok, Fall Term begins in a few days. Books are expensive - my Natural Science book is $160.00 new. I am buying a used loose leaf version for $75.00 .    Also crazy. Why is education so expensive? The most prosperous and powerful country in the history of the world and we cannot feed the hungry or educate the low income for future needs. Why is that? Well, ask any college professor or high school teacher. 

They will tell you.

The day is beginning. I am taking Thomas and Carter to school this morning and I am doing errands before I return home. Today I am preparing the new wood storage area. Moving stuff. Sounds boring but I enjoy the physical end of it and there is a certain amount of mental satisfaction in seeing the space change. Winter is coming. 

We had all better prepare for it. I have a feeling it will be long and cold.


Actions Keep You Warmer Than Words

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Slept In Until 4:45am!

Good Morning Sleepers,

Yikes! Today I slept in until almost 5am! Must have been moving all of those bark chips yesterday. Have now covered almost 350 running feet of trail and about 4 inches thick - helps keep the feet dry and the mud to a minimum. This is something that I do every year - living in a rain forest has it's annual challenges. The kids are up and in the kitchen chowing down on cereal. I eat pancakes and eggs every day but I dont blame them if they get a little bored with that routine. I need the protean and carbos.......

The rain has stopped for now but it is the first cool winds of autumn so I made the seasons first heating fire in the trusty woodstove. Mr. Brooks seems to really enjoy the cooler weather and has now adopted a new space to live in the mudroom. He is not the smartest dog I have ever owned but he really has a sweet and wonderful personality! So easy going. And has a serious bark......


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Day At Home

Hello Homebodies,

Today I will be staying home the entire day! Whoa! This is the first time that I have stayed home for an entire day in over a year. That is crazy. I was laying bark chips on the trails last night until 9:30pm in the rain. Crazy. Today is catch up day. Time to scrub the laundry room floor, sort through old clothing (and give to Goodwill), do some 'deep' cleaning, laundry, clean my room, do some weatherization, write some letters, do some divorce work, work with the kids, do some college prep and move firewood. Crazy. 

I love being a father. I wish I could have another me to help me out.


Sometimes Actions Are More Crazy Than Words

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wonder Woman With Carter & Thomas

Movie Fans,

Last night we went to the Valley Theater, where Thomas and I  work and saw Wonder Woman. So fun, lots of action! Then home to bed. Today is rain, domestics, work.... 

My blog may get a bit boring without the dumb drama of dumb drama but it will be informative - the Life Of A Single Father.....

Oh, yea, also, moving bark chips... the annual ritual now for decades and decades - over 1000 feet of trails - where does the bark dust go? This year I am spreading 36 yards. Thats a lot!!
30 minutes a day and that helps keep my good looks looking good.


Actions (like spreading mountains of bark chips so that the trails are not muddy on the way to the outhouse) Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, September 18, 2017

When The Rain Comes......

Good Morning Lovers of Rain,

Finally. It has started raining! Not a lot and not non-stop, but rain none the less. It started yesterday afternoon while I was working at the Roadhouse. Cleared the forest fire smoke from the skies. Smelled great. The Pacific North West is filled with a lot of quirky people. Many had decided to use the first rain for a walk in Forest Park which has a trailhead across the street from the roadhouse. On Sundays we serve Brunch. And it is really good. Normally from 10am till 2pm. We sold out by noon. Nice. I got home around 5:30 then took Carter to visit a friend. While she was visiting I went shopping - sundries - cleaning supplies and the like. Then back home. Then to get Carter. Then....

I should have done paperwork. My mind and body needed a break but of those days where the brain would not shut off so.....

I watched a few episodes of 'House Of Cards'... too real but made me sleepy and I was in slumberland by 11:00 or so..

Up around 5 and now starting a very busy day.....

Taking the kids to school.... Carter is having a middle school tea party and I am transporting the tea cups....

I love it


Actions, Like Tea Parties, Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Calm Sunday Morning, Waiting For The Rain To Begin

Good Morning Weather People

It has not rained here in this part of Oregon for a long time - nothing significant for more than 100 days. Thats not real good. The forest fires are burning all over the NorthWest and our days are filled with smoky air and bright red sunsets. It is forecast to rain today and I hope it does. I am off to Home Depot to buy some sundries, laundry supplies, kitchen supplies and things like that. There is a lot to do before college starts next week, and, while I am excited to start again, I am also feeling the challenge of preparing for the winter again. Firewood to split and home weatherization. Do a little car maintenance.

Got to run but will post more later about my distant past and how moving to Oregon came to be.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Repost - The End Of A Friendship & Setting The Record Straight

Hello People,

I know that I will alienate many of you with what I have written and I do not do this lightly. I want nothing else to do with this vagabond that I once considered a friend. I hope that I will never have to mention him again.

This thing with George is just bullshit. Grow up George. Listen to your readers. I have received comments from those who you malign -those who you claim do not exist - that they are me acting as them for some weird, unknown reason making comments on your blog. I am sure that your have your reasons for freaking me out with veiled threats and accusations that ultimately affect my innocent children. That you have some comfort in deleting the comments of those who would try to counsel you from making an ass of yourself. 

What is the real reason you are here? Why do you stealth camp in our neighborhood, on sidestreets near my childrens school? I swear on my soul that I have never called the cops or anyone else on you. You got that? Can I make myself more clear? 

You may think that your are some sort of knight in shining armor protecting a helpless victim from a dastardly monster who would influence children from their mother. What could make you think such a thing? Is that your reason for publicly maligning me, for your attacks on my character? Wake up, look at the facts. Rowena and I were married and now it's over. This is none of your damn business. It is between Rowena and me - not you. She has made her decision and I have honored it. The children and I have not lived together with her under the same roof for over 2 years! What made you introduce yourself into my life over the summer? Who gives you the right to threaten me and my children with your words and actions?

 I know that you are reading these words and I will not make any attempt to sugar coat them with stupid ramblings designed to one feel better about justifying meanness or misguided anger. I am not your enemy George. Leave us alone, stay away from me and my children and our places of work, school and our friends. I dont trust you anymore and I dont want to have anything to do with you. Dont worry, I will not call the cops on you unless your actions force me to protect my children. Your wounds are self inflicted. It takes a lot for me to end a friendship.


George, I really, honestly hope that you get what you deserve - you may perceive that as good or bad, and I wish you peace in your travels but I will not be a party to this madness any longer. I will however, reluctantly defend myself if forced to do so but You mean nothing to me except as a source of irritation, bad influence on things that are not of your concern and damage to my children. Shame on you. I have no time for your paranoia or your deluded sense of honor.

Vaya con dios Jorge, leave us alone.

I would much rather tell my readers about the good times of my life that led me to the joys of Oregon and the simple wonders of being the best father I can be.


Your Actions Speak Loudly With Your Words.