Friday, January 6, 2012

Lovely Young Voice

Good Morning Music Lovers,

My wife, Weng, often tells me that my blog is too political. I tell her that all discourse is political. I often find myself removed from what is most important in life - the stirring of the soul. Maybe that's why music heals. I cannot claim to be a great critic, I dont know the classics the way I would like to. I never listened to a Michael Jackson album, yet I know that, in their own way, the music touches everyone differently. I cannot hope to find the time everyday to share a little with you the things that move me. This morning, however, I ran across this little tune, written by a guy I have never heard of - Jimmy Dillon, and sung by an unknown to me 13 year old Korean Girl named Amy Kwon.

It moves me. Click here to see if it moves you also.