Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brothers In Arms

Good Morning,

In the recent news we see that President Obama, as Commander in Chief, is cutting the military budget by about 5% over the next decade. There are many who are crying that we will become weak. I do not believe that. No nation in the history of this planet has spent so very much on war, and, in some cases, the prevention of war. This is not a popular subject, as a people we would rather not think much about it. Yet, when we look around at the seeds of wrath our actions have created, we often lose sight of how far we have come. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us that militarization of our society was inherently evil and would come at the expense of our education, infra-structure, nation's health, standing in the world, economy and soul. Would he approve of President Obama's decision? 50 years later we see that Eisenhower was right. It is not an easy thing to wake up to the truth, is it?

I realize that by posting political views I run the risk of losing readers, including my own wife, Weng. However, collectedly keeping our heads in the sand will solve nothing. To stop this evil we need only pick up the telephone, call the people we elect to represent us and tell them to change our priorities.

Sometimes it is ok to be reflective. Here is a great live performance by Mark Knophler and the London Philharmonic. Click here.


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