Sunday, January 1, 2012

99% New Year's Message

Hello Again Readers,

Last night marked the end of one of the most challenging years of my entire adult life. Looking back at it this morning I can say, without reservation, it is time for the decent and concerned folks living on this lovely little planet to wake up and take action while it is still possible. Those who have followed my ramblings know that I am an optimist, squeezing every drop of sunlight from the storms of ignorance that now surround us. But there is something terribly wrong with our current system that rewards greed with leisure at the expense of the overworked families of our society. You know something is messed up and I know it. What to do, you may ask? The answer is simple. You dont have to join the 99% - you are the 99%.

All you have to do is really, really think about it - where does your food come from, your fuel, your very thoughts? Look at your parents, look at your children, put yourself in the shoes of those who have no shoes and take a deep, long, thoughtful breath. Then talk to your friends. You know, we in this society are capable of making great things happen.

What is to stop us? Only you can answer that.

I wish you all a full dinner plate, clear vision, true love and sweet dreams.



  1. I would rather think I'm part of the 100%

  2. Sad to see, but our world has become very small because of technology. Each person has value in his or her education and abilities. If you can do things that most can do, you have little value. If you can do things that most are not able to do you have more value. I wish that I and my children had or would get more education. Moving to a country that is further behind this curve will postpone the invetable,but not "fix it.


  3. hello again don and a cheapguy!

    well, the only way to be part of the mythical 100% is to live solely by the fruit of one's labor and not that of another.....

    education is relative. we build great techno-robots of our children in amerika but have little regard, overall, for the present moment and tend to live far to fast anticipating the future. to nourish the soul one must learn from those who know the true pace of life. only when you combine all of the elements of life in 2012 can one hope to 'fix it'!

  4. By 100% I mean the human species. All this classism annoys me.

  5. This isn't about classism Don. It is about social injustice, corruption and greed. The 99% is a mathematically reality, it has nothing to do with whether or not those within the 1% and those within the 99% can intermarry or be friends etc., is about greed and corruption running the world. The Occupy Movement is one of the most important movements of this century. I salute all who are taking part, and thank them from the bottom of my heart. It is all too easy to look forward with the way things are today and fear for our grandchildren, yet do nothing about it.

    On my way from Ontario Canada to Mexico I stopped in at several Occupy sites. I have been astonished that I have not come across one in Mexico.

  6. Don't forget that there are many people who are within the 1% that are supporting and even taking part in the Occupy Movement, and there are many people within the 99% who are not. It is not about us and them. It is about taking a real good look at the facts, and doing what we can to fix those numbers!