Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time After Time

Hello Again Readers,

It has been a long time. The ups and downs of the last 6 months are far to numerous to remember let alone write about. Lets just say that it has not been boring. Mexico came and went - an amazing amount of work, love, sweat, hopes and fears with a bit of deception and betrayal thrown to keep things interesting. Maybe someday I will put it all to paper but that is not my intention right now. Right now I am busy. As you may know, I am a father to 3 amazing young children, a husband to wacky wife Weng, breadwinner, and, currently, re-builder of our home here in Oregon. That has left precious little time or money for luxury's such as blogging. An hour of self serving musing is an hour less with the family, the projects or guitar. I do feel bad that I dont have the time because I do really enjoy blogging and am envious of those, like that rascal Tioga George and others, who have nothing but time to devote to such endeavors. Some day I am sure that my pocket will have enough coin to allow me freedom to recount my day to day for all the world to see. If you like you can drop me a line at and I will be happy to notify you when I have something new to say. Until then I would invite you to take a listen to song by Townes Van Sant and performed by Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan which paints a story not unlike my own. Just click here.


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