Monday, December 20, 2010

The ExtraOrdinary Strength Of The Northern Water Dragon.......On The Road To Aticama

Hello Fellow La Stradaitions,

Day 6....... the rain, the rain...... The Big Fish is swimming to Mexico... really, really slow..... Weng is detailing the 'shake down'.... average speed is 11.4 mph..... a new record slow trip.... tired.... hands are aching..... billfold has taken a serious, serious, very serious beating......

sorry for the piss and moan report.... spirits are high, just tired....



  1. Hang in there, you're on your way to paradise!


  2. I have a Winnebago on the M375 chassis. Its good to have spare fuel filters along: I mounted mine in a reachable location. I like the plastic kind you can see into - to see how much red muck has collected.
    I had the center support bearing on the driveshaft fail one day. Luckily in good weather, with an old fashioned auto parts nearby. The new bearing cost about $30, had to hammer the old one off the splines, and hammer the new one on. The bearings cant be lubed, so if you havent replaced yours yet - might want to buy the replacement to carry. When it goes bad - the vibration limits you to a slow crawl!
    My email is denisondc(at)hotmail(dot)com, for sharing any info and comments on M375 based motorhomes. My name is Dave. I also had to replace the fusible link next to the starter when I used it last.
    George is an inspiration to me - a courage person.
    Best of luck. We live in the Rio Grande Valley of S.E. Texas in winters.