Monday, November 22, 2010

Where Is Weng?

Hello Readers,

There have been a number of folks wondering "Where is Weng?" Well now, I can tell you that she has been busy! It has been nearly a year since she lost her AdSense google ads - a nasty virus took over her computer and did her wrong. Try and appeal and appeal but to no avail! Even Jorge (Tioga's man flesh) put in a good word. Maybe all her readers should mount a 'get Weng's AdSense back' campaign. But, I digress. This has been a VERY, VERY busy time for us!! (the busiest of our life together) The responsibilities of parenthood, working on our home here in Oregon, the long and winding road to getting our place paid off and going into big time debt, not to mention the weather, and preparing for our trip south has taken its toll. By the end of the day she is just to damn tired to deal with anything else. It takes Weng a long time to do her postings and she needs a calm center without distraction to feel good about what she has to say. I am her husband and I miss her wacky writing also!!

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