Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Good Evening Readers,

We'd all like to think that a palm tree and ocean breeze, sweaty beverage and the sound of happy children playing was something waiting for us all at the end of a hard day.

Others may feel the same about a remote cabin in the woods, a corner view on the 60th floor or an endless corn maze in an Iowa flatland.

The point is this: We Are Only Going Around In These Walking Bones one time. In Old Mexico they still say that tomorrow doesn't exist. The lifestyle example being one of living as happy under the heavens as possible without having to dwell on your future needs. Having a debt free or nearly debt free life is the foundation for life without worry. Many of you readers surfed in through Jorge's site and I expect you understand what I am talking about. Other readers will, I hope, remain befuddled by my stress fueled ramblings.

You see; when I get home at the end of a long day I know that there is a Palm Tree Siren singing to me - melodic tunes of warm enchanting people and places. Sometimes the music overwhelms me with soulful contentment soo intensely that the world around my body grows grey with longing. I have become jaded. The compulsion to live the dream of Ratso Rizo ('Midnight Cowboy') is seductive to all mankind...

"Live Where The Weather Suits Your Clothes'


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