Monday, November 8, 2010

One Day At A Time And Doing What Needs To Be Done

Good Morning Readers,

That old expression "One Day At A Time" sounds so comforting! Well, it works well when you have little or no responsibilities to anyone other than yourself!

Most of the rest of us need a Plan. 40 years ago I only needed a Daily Plan, then I entered into a Weekly Plan around 35 years ago, followed by a Monthly Plan about 32 years ago, then back to a Weekly Plan about 24 years ago. The Weekly Plan then became a Yearly Plan 16 years ago when I married Weng. 10 years ago it became the Ten Year Plan.

Which brings us to today. Crossroads Time. I have always been a 'pay as you go' person and, generally, it has served me and my little family well. For much of the last 10 years nearly all of our spare time and energy has gone into building our Bird House in Aticama. This comes at a cost and that has been the neglect of our home on the Bonny Slope here in Oregon. The place has been a wonderful fair weather home but the rains in this tiny, tiny valley had eaten away at the ancient wooden bones of this century old outside world refuge. Last summer we decided to repair the place and it has keep us so busy that we began considering the Big One - A home equity loan. Millions of american homeowners do it, and with some heavy heart we have decided to do it. It will take less than 3 months to spend what will take 10 years to repay.

The new 10 Year Plan.


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  1. Keep in mind what a relief it will be to have the repairs and up-dates done to you home.