Friday, November 26, 2010

A Late Thanksgiving

Hello Leftover Eaters,

Well, due to this years very cold snap and a serious slowdown with the outside work, we decided to have our Thanksgiving a day later. Turned out to be a great idea! Weng and I went shopping at our local Winco early this morning and it was just empty. Everyone shopping at Best Buy on Black Friday.

"When you are out of the Blue and into the Black..."

This year we are roasting the turkey on the barby....



  1. We did almost the same thing. Friday Thanksgiving and Turkey on the BBQ. We cut the turkey into pieces. I used the back and giblets to make gravy and soup and brined the parts for 24 hours before putting them on the grill. I most likely will never put a Turkey in the oven again.

    "There's more to the picture
    Than meets the eye.
    Hey hey, my my. "

  2. Nice one janet! Check out Neil Youngs's latest project - a ground breaking hybrid 1959 Linclon.... for real!