Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icy Cold Redux

Dear Warm Readers,

Hoping that where ever you are you are warm, dry, well fed and rested. Yesterday we, here in Portland, had the coldest high temperature for any day in November in the last 25 years! Today may be the same. Not too much got done yesterday, and, during my trip to the market (off the Bonny Slope, down the mountain and to the valley floor, I saw zero outdoor activity of any kind - no construction workers, no homeowners in their yard, no people walking or jogging and only a few cars.

Nice. As quiet as it has been in 25 years.


ps. the photo was taken at 7:45 this morning. do you see the HMS James Bond on the left?


  1. Darned Global Warming isn't kicking in like it should! ;)

  2. Dont kid yourself Don, it's just the other side of the same coin. Think about it.....

  3. Aww I'm just kidding you Francis. I believe Climate change is real and I believe humans are having an affect on the planet. I don't believe the scientists who are running around yelling that the sky is falling but I do believe we need to be careful how we treat the earth.