Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Friend Passes

Hello Evening Readers,

Well, we just received a phone call from Aticama and we found out that a friend died in an auto accident yesterday. His name was Alejandro Santana and he was a good friend to us. 7 years ago he was the President of Aticama and he helped us with our road issues and we have been pals ever sense. Around 80 years old, he had a romantic life for a sleepy tropical ocean village kind of guy. While he did not talk about it, and few knew about it, he was a General in the Mexican Army when he was much younger. Coming from a Peon background this was something special. He was not much to look at as we knew him - hunch backed, toothless, a few strands of hair, bony with a sad sack belly He non-the-less had a flair about him. A hard gentle soul with dark brown eyes ringed in blue cataracts. We had some fine times and I will really, really miss him. I am certain that he is sleeping with the Sirens Of Aticama.

Happy Trails, El General, Viva Mexico!!

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  1. I did not know the General, and would have liked to have met him.

    Su amigo,