Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Duty To Country

Good Morning Americans,

No matter who you believe will guide our country to a bright future for our children, it is your responsibility, in a free democracy, to Vote!!

Make sure that all of your friends do also.



  1. So what are your thoughts about the big Republican win today? You think it's a message to Obama or just a message to Washington?

    Either way it's a message that folks are not happy with the "change" that has happened over the last few years.

  2. good morning don,

    well, i have been giving it a lot of thought since last winter. what i think it really is, in the 'big picture' and in how history will judge the event, is that this election (as many have been) has been about how money changes everything. last winter the US Supreme Court made a modern day 'dred scott' decision in allowing the unlimited funding of political campaigns by corporations and individuals with no restrictions or transparency regulations. considering that it is for sure people are not happy with what has been presented to them as 'changes' any more than they were in 1938 when the voting population was led to believe that social security was bad for america. in simpler terms - the climate that caused the recent near total collapse of the us infrastructure needed serious measures to correct it, and these measures have been painful. i see it overall as the voters acting like children who dont want to take the nasty tasting medicine necessary to bring about the real change needed in this country. perhaps being a father of young children with an ambitious family agenda has molded my opinions - certainly the difference in our available working income has made times very hard for us like everyone else. honestly don, i dont see any easy way out of this political mess for the common man. my father was raised dirt poor during the depression but during the 60's often complained how expensive gassing up his corvette was and how removing lead from gasoline was terrible. his friends would not believe smoking tobacco caused cancer, even though dad often warned them about it. so, summing it up i quote one of my personal heros, Will Rogers, who had this to say about politics - "A fool and his money are soon elected."

  3. So when the voters elected Obama they were looking for "change" yet when they threw out half the incumbents they were "acting like children"?

    Do you realize how biased that sounds?