Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Cold

Dear Readers,

I hope this posting finds you warm and comfortable! An artic blast has frozen us and frozen us good! While not cold like it can be in other parts north of Mexico, it is, for us here in Oregon, very cold. Despite precautions all of our water froze solid last night - one of the tradeoffs that come with living in such a lovely little valley on the mountainside. Lovely nearly 8 months a year that is.......

It is now past 11am and the temp is about 25deg. That is cold enough for the fingers to stop working well outside with power tools. At one time I enjoyed the cold, The Struggle Of Man Over The Elements. Age brings aches in the joints and the attraction of enclosed warm spaces is nearly overwhelming. No school today because of the ice and cold. The kids are loving it. Their joints are new and fresh and strong and resistant to the cold. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to above freezing.

Every day the Sirens Of Aticama sing louder......


ps. the photo was taken this morning from my window

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