Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adventures With The Big Fish

Hello Readers & Fellow Travelers,
It is possible that some of you long time Rv's remember the Mighty Dodge 413 Industrial V-8 that powered the premier Motorhomes of the '60s and early '70's. Considered by 'Old Iron Guys' to be the most beasty powerful and lumbering of torque monster ever produced by the hand of man. With a massive 407 real pounds of torque at 2000 rpm, no other Atomic Age Land Whale could come close to its fearsome lifting force. Move 9 1/2 tons of rig and stuff - no problem. Serious machines.

And the Big Fish swims with this bad boy 413 as it's heart. Today, perhaps if all goes well, I will button down the mechanicals and we will begin 'The Load In'. Against long shot odds we work facing south - snow is coming the first of the week and that makes a difference....


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