Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why Is Fear Everywhere Now?

I am saddened by Tioga Georges loss of his son, David.

Hello Again Readers,

These words come from heavy hands and nearly horizontal thinking. And the tail end of a nasty cold. I have said my piece about David , bless his soul with grace and peace.

But Now, like Tioga George, my thoughts are about anger. Why we have it. George stirred this emotional pot with his words and I have had to let the outside world enter my soul with less protection for the truth than I have ever experienced. Every two years this society we live in goes crazy with the fear and negativity that our twisted election mindset smashes upon us all. I am angry about a society that demonizes the good of man under the guise of mindless profit and the convenience it bestows upon us. I am angry that devotion to selfless causes is coal black faced while the politics of war gobbles up our children's future.

Like all people I have anger but I am not, by nature, an angry man. We here in America, are slaves for the next 3 weeks to the very best lies, distortions, half-truths, and more lies the mind of man has ever thought of. Broadcast to us by way of every sense we possess, designed to influence our most elemental demons into believing without facts. All brought to us by the dark Horsemen Of Fear. Then, the day after the election there is a violent full on stop of this madness and we all wake up and say "What the hell did we just do?" Dazed by the happiness that fear consumes we retreat and swear to heal and be stronger the next time.

I am 57 years old and I was of the first 18 year olds to vote after the federal voting law changed. I have voted in countless elections and there has always been bile and evil waiting for the innocent to give away hard won freedoms. Never, never, has this evil been so crafty. To see what we have been reduced to, I must say, that in this time, this moment, for the first time, I am truly ashamed to be an American. I hope to change my feelings someday when, once again, our democracy is without the man behind the mirror.

Guys my age dropped the ball once to often. Think it through. Talk about it. Vote.


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