Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where To Begin?

Good Evening All,

When I was a small boy, and TV was young and innocent, there was a show staring Jimmy Durante. The Snozz. Well, he would end every episode by saying "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are." What follows is political and if you are afraid to hear the truth do not read any further. Just skip to the end where the hope lies.

Things have changed. Back then my mother was a Republican, but that meant something far different than it does today. Back then politics had a moral canvas that was easy to take at face value - a choice that was clear but most generally reflected a government that was for the people. I remember when Reagan became President and political advertising laws changed - no more equal 'air' time for those who were capable of serving in the government but lacked the budget to let citizens know who they were and what they were about. Corporate money began driving the political mind set and a new generation of greed head and fear mongers arose to spoil the soil of democracy. Finally, after years of planning and skulking in the shadows these dark men succeeded in pulling down the last vestige of fairness in our once democratic democracy with last years 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate/fat cat funding of political races with no accountability. For the first time in our history, elections could be bought and sold to the highest bidder, no matter what the outcome, the motive or even the nationality of those buying the race. And you aint seen nothing yet, just wait for the next presidential race.

Welcome to the elections of 2010. Herrman Gobbles was a baby compared to Karl Rove. This monster is using the Supreme Court ruling to bury the truth and we Americans are poised to give away our precious freedoms with little or no fight from the man on main street. Think I am wrong? Then you are just not thinking.

Two years ago, for a brief clear moment, after the greedheads almost destroyed our economy, we put a man of intelligence and vision in the drivers seat. Barak Obama. Against all odds and the poison of the dark side he managed to do many good things for us all. At a terrible cost to him and progressive statesmen, both Democrats and Republicans. The interests of the common man have been driven from a fair playing field with an ocean of money, by some estimates Karl Rove alone will spend more than 250 million dollars over the next 10 days to convince voters that we are doomed if we re-elect the current progressives who have pulled us out of Bush's folly. We stand to lose the environment, our education standard, women's rights, and our position in the world.
And for what? Think about it.

I have always been an optimist. My soul is tried mightily now though. Yesterday, through a series of small but wonderful events, my son Francis and I found ourselves front and center at the Obama rally here in Portland Oregon. Organizers had expected 5,000 people but more than 10,000 showed up. We were surrounded by people who believe that there is a better way to live and we stood in awe, some 20 feet away from the President as he spoke of what his administration had accomplished, despite all odds. He also spoke of what is possible if we, the people, get off of our butts and vote with intelligence and consideration. How hard the road ahead is and the line that we must draw against those who would give our children a world of fear and collapsing environment. He spoke like a fit man made of steel that was taking all of our lightning hits for us, strong and passionate. Some of the disgust and horror I have felt this election season died in that moment, and, like those around me, I felt energized and strong against the negative forces who would enslave us all. If we allow them to do so. 35 minutes later he finished and swept through the multitudes of common people and it happened - my hand went out and met his in a flash that I surely will never forget. Shaking his hand was electric and we locked eyes for a second or two and time stopped. I saw the hopes of millions carried by a soul that cares. The eyes of a captain guiding his ship through the biggest storm of all time. The eyes of a father who had given up an easy life to a conviction of compassion. And then he was gone, giving power to another, and another, and another. Even now I can feel his hand shaking mine, the hand of the most powerful person on Earth.

Do well, sleep well and prevail, Mr. Obama.



  1. What an excellent post. I know how you feel. I met Bill Clinton in 1996 at an event at the White House. When he shook my hand I felt like I was the only person in the room. I gave a speech in 1986 to a group of young community organizers. From my research I believe but can not prove that Barack Obama was in that audience. This man is special. He is strong and smart. He unfortunately also a great target for the dark side and with a good enemy any movement will flourish. Barack knows that and he knows the strength of the Tea Party is inspired by his success. It goes with the territory. He gets weak and so do they. The Tea Party is the ugly consequence of a great President. The Supreme Court that brings such poor decisions to us is the consequence of a weak President. Glad you had such a great experience.

  2. Francis, this statement is why I dislike most Liberals.

    "Think I am wrong? Then you are just not thinking."

    You are doing exactly what most libs do. You truly believe that if someone doesn't think like you then they are stupid.

    That bugs the bats**t out of me.

    How about just believing they are *wrong* instead of believing they are stupid?

  3. Hello Don!

    Long time no hear. It is always interesting to get your point of view. Sorry to bug you or imply that those who disagree with me are stupid. Not at all my intention - my statement is specific to the content of my comment preceding it. As a society based on the concept of personal freedom we run the risk of constitutional equality if we allow lies (from either side) to be the basis of our decision making. Let me assure, without reservation, that I do NOT " truly believe that if someone doesn't think like you then they are stupid."!!

  4. whoops! what i meant was ".. As a society based on the concept of personal freedom we run the risk of LOSING OUR constitutional equality if we allow lies (from either side) to be the basis of our decision making."