Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"What's So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding?"

Hello Night Readers,

It's time for bed after a long and productive day. As the election grows nearer by the hour I am saddened to see this Nation of Opportunity tearing itself apart as politics overwhelm the media and unknown citizens begin drawing lines in the sand. What is the cause of this? Where did civility go? Incredible as it may seem US Senate candidates do not publically deplore the vicious behavior of their supporters. In Kentucky one follower threw a woman to the ground and began stomping on her head with his boots. In Arizona fear of brown skin people has become an acid that is promoting mindless hatred. In Alaska the truth that one in the Senate race admitted to lying and covering up vote computer fraud seems to make no difference to his supporters. Who can believe what they read or see at this point. I am sorry to my soul that these thoughts are so strong that I voice them on this forum but please understand that it is not my desire or place to offend anyone. I will have more to say on this matter over the next week so if its not your cup of tea then just surf some safe sites. My feelings will not be hurt. Much.



  1. Oh you are so right. Hate is running deep in this country and it is sad.

  2. It does amaze me (being a non-recovering Hippy from the good ole days of Nixon antagonists)..the level of sheer hypocracy and distrust we see now. Following the Clinton years end, we were further led in to excessive war-monguering and spending, as well as the religeous-right wing craze.
    Then, OMG! a BLACK man is in power and the s*%#t hits the fan....hmmmm? This man, who is barely supported by his OWN party, is supposed to UNDO 8+ years of atrocties in 24 months...yeah. Right.
    Welll...Let these crazies have their law-making power-seats in the Senate and Congress..then at least the blame and anger will have an honest direction...(harhar). It is terribly sad tho...this deep polarization of our Nation started in early 2000, and has deepened with every passing year...and seems to just get worse.LadyDi

  3. Lady Di,

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I sadly have to agree with you.......