Friday, October 15, 2010

Moving On

Good Morning Readers,

About this time every year Weng and I get nasty colds. These weather logs come from school and hit us in the head with 'slow it down wither you like it or not' fury. The home project took a couple of hits also - Mr. Old Honda Garden Tractor broke his back (frame totally cracked in half) the other day while hauling gravel from the top of the driveway to the house. Now out to pasture he is in the de-composeaium - gently rusting away with the rest of the mechanical beasts - a victim of too much money to be worth to fix...

So, yesterday, I spent the day re-building Mr. Electric Car!! Ta Da!! WELL, last summer Kawena May and I sortakinda crashed Mr. Electric Car in the garden (jumping terraces) and for months the old wheeled horse has been resting in the shed. No more. I will see if I can find my camera - he is now up and running, complete with a new plywood roof!

We will make the big tests today. It looks like it will be another beautiful fall day here in Oregon.


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