Friday, October 8, 2010

Heavy Hearts

Good Afternoon Readers,

The Sword Of Love cuts in many ways. If we are wise, and often times lucky, we are gifted with Kind Love. Love & Spoken Words go hand in hand - you cant see them, weigh them by the pound, hold them in your hand. Yet nothing in this life is more powerful. Fury, compassion, fear, hope, happiness and terrible, terrible sadness are all burned in our emotions by Love. Love and how we show it to others. How it moves us in our souls and the Truth Of It All deep inside. As humans we all feel it. Need it. Live for it and die for it. We all know someone who has died and we ask ourselves "why this wonderful person?" "It is so unfair - such a good heart leaves when so many black hearts remain to torment our paradise?"

Well, I admit it. Love, today, has left me sad and my passion for the moment has left like water draining into sand. No doubt you have all heard that Tioga George's son, David, has taken his kind heart to a place where it no longer gently touches us. The example he set is clear and full of true human compassion and he will be missed by all - even those who never met the man. It comes when the world takes a moment to remember John Lennon on the anniversary of his birth so now the two of them will forever intertwined in my feelings. I never had dinner with either, they never called me and neither ever held my hand. Yet, both have touched me and for that I am a better man.

In the end, what more can any of us ask from this life?



  1. Nice post Salud. You write so well. Enjoy your blog.

  2. Amen....

    So, so sad for such a nice man to suffer a loss in this way.