Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Blessing For Francis

Hello Friends,

It is a rainy Sunday morning here on the old Bonny Slope. Like a hungry dog at a bottomless food bowl I have spent the last 8 weeks working my butt off on our home, and, like that dog, I overdid it a bit! 2 weeks ago the children brought home a little school flu and I charged on working, thinking I was the Superman of home repair Papas. I am often a little wrong and this was the case. Bam. My Musty Troder blew a spark plug and I took my body to the clinic to see my good Physician, Dr. Christopher Hall. A no nonsense man he told me that I was no longer 30 years old and, in no uncertain terms, told me to "slow down for a week or so". As is our norm, we spoke of politics a bit and I told him of my close encounter with President Obama. With a giant toothy grin he thrust his hand forward and had me shake his hand, no doubt hoping to get a little good atomic ju-ju. So, I have been taking it easy and spending a little time reading and posting. I expect to be fully up and running again by mid week.

But I am writing about my son Francis. As many of you readers know, all of my children (not unlike kids all over the world) possess gifts and Francis's is in the fields of Literature, Math and Abstract Conceptualization. What you may not know is that Francis is fortunate and blessed to have an amazing Mentor. A man gifted with wisdom, compassion and an incredible grasp of the mind of man, I will, for now, simply call him Dr. H. The generosity of his time, his patience and kind understanding are providing Francis with a rock solid foundation for building a ship of life that is capable of navigating the challenges of the emerging world around us. This man projects an energy that can only be described as the soul contentment one finds on a warm and sunny fall day. As a father I stand in awe of the two of them, as a human I am encouraged and happy to be a small cog in the wheel of fortune.


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