Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where Is My Clone When I Need Him?

Good Sunday Morning All,

Well, this part of the overall 'work around the house' process is drawing to an end. By the end of the day I hope to have finished all 260 feet plus of 8' high cedar fence along the east property line. A real challenge! The last two segments call me to action but Sunday morning 'be quiet in the neighborhood while people sleep' moves me to the old shovel and pick ax for more fill dirt. This dirt is being moved from the 'dirt mine' by the road, down the hill tru the garden, over the dam and to the back of the house where an area is being leveled for the new home of what used to be the laundry shed. For 3 solid weeks I have been working this series of projects from sunup to past sundown and my arms and hands are aching and so is the bank account (now $46.00 total) for lack of income producing work. Add in school starting, friends personal crisis's, cloudy days with early rain, foolish notions of Koran burning, and next to zero guitar time - well, piss and moan!
I feel better now having vented to the etherspace of this crazy world and the sun is shining and my spirits rise as the pile of dirt shrinks.


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  1. Hmmm...sounds like things aren't going to good. But don't worry; you can do it! Just work hard and have a good attitude and you'll have this special project finished and done with in no time!!

    And as for venting, feel free to! Your readers and always here to help you and talk to you.