Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain, Concrete, Australia & The Foolishness Of Hatred

Hello Readers,

We are in the middle of the first big rain of the season. In the last 18 hours we have got about 1 1/4 inch of rain. We were almost ready for it! Augustin finished the last of 5 sections of waist high block walls in the new laundry room today. Weng has painted the lower block runs with water sealant and several of the walls now have rebar and concrete fillings. Tomorrow I will pour the last 12 sacks of concrete in the remains walls and a small dividing room wall floor footer. Weng located a used Sears washer last weekend and it is now semi-installed and working like new. $50bux! She is excited because our pal Ruth has the same washer.....

Augustin and I cleared the east lot line and installed around 50 4x4x10ft posts and rails along the entire 260ft and have installed the fence boards on about half of it. Engineering and construction of the area over the pond is moving along also - there will be a clear span over the water of about 25ft. I am building composite beams with a reverse truss system I dreamed up to support the 8ft tall fence over the pond. Tricky business and fun use of concrete and beams.

The grey water system is now fully functional and works great.

The whole place is a construction mess, the kids are back in school and it is raining in the house through a giant hole in the kitchen. I take solace in the outcome of the Australian election however. .
An intelligent woman will continue to lead the country, Julia Gillard. For the first time in a major country the Green party will have a real say in the government policy and a progressive and creative mind set will have a chance. I say chance only because it is a razor thin (1 vote majority) and could go flat on face easily. Good On Ya Mates!

Now the part that sucks. Really sucks. That would be the narrow minded hate monger and his zealots who intend to burn the Koran on 9/11. What is with this guy? Stirring up racial and religious hatred is not what this nuclear world needs. Freedom of speech and the like is fine but it is wrong to shout fire in a theatre. The future shape of the world should not be decided by such insanity.

Lets all just get along. It is time to change the way we think about a lot of really, really important things.


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  1. Actually it's not only wrong but it's illegal to shout fire in a theater. What the idiot in Florida wanted to do was just plain stupid but it's not illegal.

    I have to say it's even more stupid than building a mosque at ground zero against the wishes of the families of the victims of 9/11. That's also legal but might not be the healing thing the Imam says it is.