Saturday, September 25, 2010

Big Change In Plans

Good Evening Readers,

"Life is what happens while your busy making plans"

- j. lennon

A week ago tomorrow Weng and I made some really tough decisions about our future and about our timeline for the next year. School. Work. Mexico. Opportunity. We have always been the 'pay-as-you-go' type of family and our debt load has always been very low. That is changing as we have decided to complete the majority of the construction of our house over the next several months. This is a major undertaking - replacing all of the rotted siding (with 70 year old salvaged cedar), changing out the windows with new thermal windows (salvage from different jobs through out the years), new insulation (also salvaged from dumpsters), putting up new sheetrock (the old place had plywood inside walls - our home is a very old home - parts of it go all the way back to 1860..), new around the house rainwater drainage system again drainpipe from a dumpster), repairing the roof in several places and perhaps a new coat of paint (whoops! mismatched paint from home depot for 5 bux a gallon)!

Notice that dumpster in the photo? Nice, huh? That baby is a 30 yard monster sitting in the driveway ready to eat all of the trash, and debris we can shovel into it. The gravel? Yep. At cost from the fine folks at WestCoast Sand & Gravel. 16 tons.

Now, to do all of this we had to let the different people we work for that we would not be available for several months while this work goes on, and, well, it was just fantastic! Everyone understood and said that their ongoing projects could carry over as long as necessary. Weng will now be our principal bread winner and we have secured a loan capable of buying us enough time to tighten up the place before winter sets in.
Just Fantastic!

Uncle Bill stopped by today and he helped me fir out the stub walls of the rebuilt daylight basement. Nice, huh? Augustin layed up the block to replace the old rotted wooden walls. Weng coated them with 50 year old rubber paint I salvaged from a garage tear down. Same size walls but now strong, very, very strong.



  1. I am SOOO EXCITED for you guys!!! Awesome news!

  2. This is great Francis! Glad to see you improving the place. It's always good to do that.