Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In The Still Of The Morning

Good Morning Readers,

Seems like only yesterday that I blogged. In fact, yesterday I continued on with our most recent home project - the new 'grey water' system. It is a two part project, two systems really, one that deals with the laundry room/kitchen water, and one that is just for showers and hand rinsing. I am working on the former, and to that end I have finished the primary filtered french well (with concrete clean out), the 3" schedule 40 pvc lines, the new 3/4" water line in and a new underground grey electrical conduit for future upgrades.
Also I have excavated, leveled, tubed and wired the concrete pad that the washer/dryer/sink/shower all sit on. Today I am humping gravel, installing rebar, installing an additional waste line for the greenhouse line and, if all goes well, mixing concrete.

But wait! There is more!
Thomas John and I will be converting an old gas powered trimmer into a new power supply for the concrete mixer.

Thanks for reading......


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