Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Concrete & Aching Bones

Good Morning Readers,

Well, I am not 28 years old any more and heavy manual labor is not as easy as it once was! Over the last couple of days I have mixed and poured about 2 tons of concrete. Sounds like a lot but doesnt look so impressive....... the rains are returning this afternoon and there is soo much to do... just a moment to moan for no reason, but very happy to have the opportunity to do so. Everyone is happy and healthy and the children are getting ready to return to school.

Got to run.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello Again Readers,

I am writing today from the garden. It is morning and cloudy. It is supposed to start raining tonight. Well, the grey water system is installed and now we are working on the rebuilt laundry room. Augustin will be here soon and we will begin laying block to form a new half wall around the bottom of the house. This wall will replace the old wooden one which will not work with my new north side earth berm. This is all a change for the good.
But change is in the wind. The seasons. The neighborhood. The lost feeling in the country as a whole (what is causing this and who is stirring up such hate?).
To the east of us is a vacant lot that the owners have been trying to sell for a long time with no luck. Now they have obtained a very large firm to sell it and, because it has been uninhabited for the last 40 years or so it is very overgrown. For us, this has been great! An acre buffer from the madness of ill conceived homes sprouting from the strange compost left behind by the Bush Economic Model. Now the forces of change are cleaning the lot and we must, reluctantly, react by building a fence to maintain our privacy. It will cost money, time and a change in the schedule but it must be done.
We are also considering taking on a caretaker to live in the studio and help around the place. When Abi moved out last spring we sorta took over the studio for our own purposes while working on the house and for the first time in many years we did not have an extra set of hands and person to watch over our place while we are in Mexico. It makes a difference.
Today Weng and the children are cleaning and making a few repairs to the pond.
Soon school starts again. Yikes!! I almost forgot!! I am giving away 3 old guitars to the school system today and the guy will be here soon to pick them up... got to run


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In The Still Of The Morning

Good Morning Readers,

Seems like only yesterday that I blogged. In fact, yesterday I continued on with our most recent home project - the new 'grey water' system. It is a two part project, two systems really, one that deals with the laundry room/kitchen water, and one that is just for showers and hand rinsing. I am working on the former, and to that end I have finished the primary filtered french well (with concrete clean out), the 3" schedule 40 pvc lines, the new 3/4" water line in and a new underground grey electrical conduit for future upgrades.
Also I have excavated, leveled, tubed and wired the concrete pad that the washer/dryer/sink/shower all sit on. Today I am humping gravel, installing rebar, installing an additional waste line for the greenhouse line and, if all goes well, mixing concrete.

But wait! There is more!
Thomas John and I will be converting an old gas powered trimmer into a new power supply for the concrete mixer.

Thanks for reading......