Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mexican Dirt

Hello Again,

Hard to believe that one week has passed since Uncle Bill and I were sitting in Mexico. After a long flight we finally arrived back in Portland, Oregon to some pretty nice weather. For a day or two, that is. Then the rains began again. Yikes! In my 33 years here I have never seen such weather. And it has been a busy time indeed! Some time ago I got this crazy idea to give a try at restoring vintage guitars. Not really to make money at it, but rather for the personal satisfaction of it all.

I have been playing guitar now for 50 years. Wow, now that is a while. About 24 years ago or so, I owned a night club, named The Pyramid. In a late night card game I won an old Martin 0 series guitar. Not really much to look at at the time, it has a bigo' hole in the back and is missing all hardware. Recently I took it out of storage and gave it a second thought. Wouldn't it be nice to hear her sing? Years ago I repaired guitars so I thought, "well, its raining outside, so why not polish my skills?" The notion was born so I bought a few old Ovation guitars on ebay in need of tlc to practice on. I have really enjoyed it. Today I am laying a finish spray on a walnut stained 'shallow bowl' 6 string. Should be fun.

Now about Mexican Dirt. I take offense over the old hack "Dirty Mexican". Fact is, all countries on earth are dirty. In parts of Mexico (mainly near the US border) it is desert. In other parts it is high cedar tree covered mountain, and, in my particular case - Tropical Bay. The tropics smell different. Feel different. I like that. So much, that when I return from south of the border, I cannot bring myself to shower off the dirt for a couple of days. In this I am lucky to have a very understanding wife!! This time it is a record. With the cold and gloomy summer weather here this year, I have gone a record week without a shower, somehow hoping the soil from my travels would make somesort of dent in my own attitude. It did. After I spray the guitar I will reluctantly spray my self with hot water and peppermint soap.


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