Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello Again Readers,

Only a year ago I was, by circumstance, a daily blogger. My lung condition left me sidelined for the better part of '09 and 'things to do' have been piling up. Having lead an active and full work life this slow-down has changed my day to day perspective a bit. I still hack the demons out several times a day - usually 20minutes or so in the morning and for 10 minutes or so when I first hit the sack at night. The last couple of days our little family was the guest of our friends, Herman & Ruth at their oceanside home on the Oregon coast. The sea air did wonders for me and we had a splendid time. I have noticed how much better I feel when I am breathing sea air.
Anyway, I recently finished my first guitar project and it turned out better than expected! In keeping with my new slower paced life I find that the satisfaction I get from working on stringed instruments with the family nearby is as sweet as ripe melon. For the last 6 weeks or so I have made a couple of 20 minute chunks of guitar practice time every day. Not easy and the time has been at the expense of my blog. I really do enjoy writing about our 'sorta, kinda, well almost, nearly normal' life. realistically I am hoping for a early every Sunday post, before the rest of the family wakes up.
And the Nap Notion.
Well, it was recently brought to my attention that some study somewhere or the other, found that humans, by nature, should nap everyday between the hours of 1 and 3 pm. Sounds right to me.


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