Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where Is Francis?

Hello Again,

Things are entering into faaaast mode! With blastoff only days away I am swamped with stuff to do. Ever notice that cars break down just before blastoff? Well, 'Penny', our trusty 1983 Toyota, decided to get fussy and burn out her right front wheel bearing...... there goes the trip's 'mad money'! MotoDean, the mobile mechanic will finish the job tonight so I will feel secure knowing that Weng and family will have a reliable rig while I am gone.

Now, about Francis. I don't personally remember my childhood 7th grade as a time with too much to do. Francis's time is different. A busy young lad, as the school winds up, is more busy. He is on the yearbook team and that means lots of 'do stuff time'. Also he is well (like 50 pages) into his first screen play. It will be put online after he debugs it. AND, YES, AND, he is now in full blown 'summer of intense puberty'..... his voice has dropped 2 octaves, a mustache is clearly evident, mood swings, and growing at a fearsome rate..... (now taller than his momma)......


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