Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Live From The Casa Manana In Aticama

At Last At Last, LIve From The Little Big Room In ATICAMA!

Hello again more than patient readers,

I find it most hard to believe, but, I am sitting in our little perch in Aticama, high above the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I am traveling with my long running pal, Bill. We have been in Mexico for almost a week and it has been just as crazy as it has been great. While Weng and the children are freezing in the new artic rain world of summer Oregon, I am floating in the climatic lap of luxury..... 92deg., ocean breaze, sunny, ocean spray at the cliffs edge. A dream really. LIke the subconcious realization that the alarm clock is gonna go off at 5 I can feel the days urging me back to our home in Oregon. It becomes harder and harder every time we are here to return.......The rainy season is just breaking here. Our new driveway is now repaired and ready for the rivers of rain that will soon change this place. Now it is so dry. The rains are late and the fruit cycle is out of balance, again. There is sooo much to write about but time is so precious. We have made arraingements to have a new orchard of 'Jack Fruit' planted on Kawena's land. There is a real story there!

If you have GoogleEarth you can see my snooze-a-torium at:
n 21.48796

ps: check out the video for life in the world of aticama

Have to run for now


  1. Nice. You can also see it on Google Maps.

  2. Olah... Can't wait to visit this December your place looks like heaven on earth!
    Bills friends,
    Dean and Sabrina