Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flying Above The Road To Aticama

Hello Again Friends,

My life is a whirlewind of activity. Just a week ago a friend called from Canada, who is a neighbor in Aticama, to tell me that he was having some work done on his land and 'soon-to-be-constructed' home real soon. Well, turns out that we had a few things that needed to be looked after as well at our place, so .... long story short - I am off to Aticama on an airplane next week!! 10 days of travel with my friend of 44 years, Mr. Bill. His wife passed away a couple of months ago and he has never seen Mexico.

I know that I have not posted much recently but I am taking my netbook on the trip and I will have time to catch up! Well, it has stopped raining so I have things to take care of outside.


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  1. What happened to Francis? No mention of him in your blog or Wengs. Did you trade him in? Is he going to continue to write his "story" in his blog? 15 weeks and no blog :(