Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bumped At Sky Harbor Airport

Hello Again Folks,

WELL, it has been a very busy time. Hard to believe that Bill and I have been gone for 11 days and I have had so little time to write. I did not even get my toes in the water and I was only 1 foot away from the Ocean! The trip has gone very well and Bill is relaxed and is on the road to going native. We have been pals for a long time, and over the last 11 days we have not spent more than about 30 minutes away from each other. And zero stress or disagreement. How cool is that? We are now sitting in the Phoenix airport. We were bumped from our first flight. Now our reschedualed flight is running late! Yikes. It is possible that we could get bumped again. So far we have spent 5 hours here. The people behind us have been standing by for days. All the flights are full or overbooked. Is this some sort of way to run an airlines? Well, I have so much to talk about but now I am gonna try and catch a few zzzz's..... We got up at 4:30 am after another stormy night that kept me up. Power went out, of course, but I love to watch storms. A cab ride to the Puerto Vallarta Airport and a breeze of inspection to depart. I love Mexico.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Live From The Casa Manana In Aticama

At Last At Last, LIve From The Little Big Room In ATICAMA!

Hello again more than patient readers,

I find it most hard to believe, but, I am sitting in our little perch in Aticama, high above the beautiful Pacific Ocean. I am traveling with my long running pal, Bill. We have been in Mexico for almost a week and it has been just as crazy as it has been great. While Weng and the children are freezing in the new artic rain world of summer Oregon, I am floating in the climatic lap of luxury..... 92deg., ocean breaze, sunny, ocean spray at the cliffs edge. A dream really. LIke the subconcious realization that the alarm clock is gonna go off at 5 I can feel the days urging me back to our home in Oregon. It becomes harder and harder every time we are here to return.......The rainy season is just breaking here. Our new driveway is now repaired and ready for the rivers of rain that will soon change this place. Now it is so dry. The rains are late and the fruit cycle is out of balance, again. There is sooo much to write about but time is so precious. We have made arraingements to have a new orchard of 'Jack Fruit' planted on Kawena's land. There is a real story there!

If you have GoogleEarth you can see my snooze-a-torium at:
n 21.48796

ps: check out the video for life in the world of aticama

Have to run for now

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where Is Francis?

Hello Again,

Things are entering into faaaast mode! With blastoff only days away I am swamped with stuff to do. Ever notice that cars break down just before blastoff? Well, 'Penny', our trusty 1983 Toyota, decided to get fussy and burn out her right front wheel bearing...... there goes the trip's 'mad money'! MotoDean, the mobile mechanic will finish the job tonight so I will feel secure knowing that Weng and family will have a reliable rig while I am gone.

Now, about Francis. I don't personally remember my childhood 7th grade as a time with too much to do. Francis's time is different. A busy young lad, as the school winds up, is more busy. He is on the yearbook team and that means lots of 'do stuff time'. Also he is well (like 50 pages) into his first screen play. It will be put online after he debugs it. AND, YES, AND, he is now in full blown 'summer of intense puberty'..... his voice has dropped 2 octaves, a mustache is clearly evident, mood swings, and growing at a fearsome rate..... (now taller than his momma)......


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flying Above The Road To Aticama

Hello Again Friends,

My life is a whirlewind of activity. Just a week ago a friend called from Canada, who is a neighbor in Aticama, to tell me that he was having some work done on his land and 'soon-to-be-constructed' home real soon. Well, turns out that we had a few things that needed to be looked after as well at our place, so .... long story short - I am off to Aticama on an airplane next week!! 10 days of travel with my friend of 44 years, Mr. Bill. His wife passed away a couple of months ago and he has never seen Mexico.

I know that I have not posted much recently but I am taking my netbook on the trip and I will have time to catch up! Well, it has stopped raining so I have things to take care of outside.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain & Oil

Good Morning All,

I really dont know where to start, what to think or what to do! Tiny ants have invaded my laptop. I think that is because it is so very, very wet. The rain is non-ending it seems. This morning the embarrassed weather man was letting us all know that the rain stretched from Manila, Philippines to Oregon! Today we expect to get another 2 to 5 inches of rain! The garden is flooded. The ponds are overflowing. ON and ON.....

Oil. Will Americans wake up? Just wait for a massive hurricane season. It starts now.......

Piss and moan. Global climate change is here and we are to blame.... look at your children and your grandchildren. My God, what have we done?

Tomorrow I will update.