Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lots Of Things

Good Morning Readers,

Hard to believe a week went by so fast! Blogging has become a luxury. Seems like my work/life/activity schedule is in the waste bin. Many things have happened in the world since my last posting. Let's see.....

Global Climate Change: Yup, got that. Doesn't take more than a quick peek at any news source now to see it's real. All of those 'po-po's' and nay sayers best check their beliefs in the old sand box of self denial. It's here and its for real and its gonna stay and we had better do something about it. April here in Western Oregon gave us record rain, record cold. May has been just as interesting. Is too much rain here or there a problem? Might be if you are a tomato plant. I wrote my political representatives about it the other day. They must be busy cause its still raining and they did not get back in touch.

Politics: Now, there is a good one. The Tea Party. Ok. My question is - what you gonna cut in the national budget, buck-o's? Lets just bring out the boogie-men of race, personal freedom and cost of a gallon of gasoline. Got to love the propaganda machine in Kentucky. What would Danial Boone do?

Oil: I say get the navy to work, surround the accountable oil spill dudes and tell them that the cannon will speak unless something is done and fast. I say get the army to work with shovels on the beach and vacuum cleaners in the swamps. Then bill the oil spill dudes for the cleanup. A swamp? If we can mobilize for war we can fix stuff with low tech.

The stock market: Invest in shovels. Ban war profiteering.


Our little family is still warm, dry and well fed. (while indoors, anyway)


It is enough to give you a headache.


  1. Glad to see you are still happily blogging! I downloaded "Crazy Heart" several weeks ago and have watched it several times. Really a good movie. Jeff Bridges has been a favorite actor of mine for years. Loved Starman & Jagged Edge.

    Su amigo,

  2. What the heck, Global Warming and you tell me it is extra cold in oregon ?