Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crystal Bowersox

Hello Music Lovers,

Hard to believe, but as I put on my Oracle Of Aticama Hat, I find inspiration in the form of, believe it or not - American Idol. Now, as a lover of music, particularly live music, I have been less than thrilled about the 'talent' presented in that venue. Until now. Enter the competition several months ago one Crystal Bowersox, Semi-hillbilly girl from rural Ohio. Thick build, farmer smile, major dreddies, unmarried mother, tattooed, and full of corn fresh attitude with a voice (and command of it) that rivals every road house diabla diva that ever popped a sweet note since singing began. It is my humble prediction, and I am seldom wrong, that this wonderful living musical note will be the most amazing force since Madonna. Just click here and see if I am right.....



  1. OK Francis Emiliano Zapata, I hope Pops passes this note on to you..... GET WRITING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can't start something like that and then leave us hanging ..
    Hope all is well.


  2. I agree with you about Crystal(for the most part). I actually think Lee Dewyze is pretty good but Crystal should win.

    A few years ago there was a contestant named Melinda Doolittle that had a heck of a voice. Search for her version of the Bon Jovi "Have a Nice Day" to see her in action.