Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adios Santa Fe, Hello Mazda Brakes

Good Morning Readers,

WELL NOW, my trusty Mazda, 'Musty Troder', has been working very hard lately - a zillion loads of rock, dirt and materials over the last month has killed the front brakes. I mean dead rotors and dont even think about driving it! Last night the new parts came in and Weng and I picked them up on the way to do the bi-weekly grocery shopping. Now the rig is up in the air and, guess what?, I am not familiar with the type of brake system. UGGG.... so, I am now waiting for my local parts house to call me back to let me know if they have a repair manual available.

MEANWHILE, this repair will cost money so we are selling our old Santa Fe camper trailer to pay for the parts - about $175.00. Cheap, yes, funky, yes but it has served us well as a storage unit. Lets see how long it will take to sell it......

Yikes! The phone is ringing.... got to go



Got the book - very good info..... pull off brake, clean, pull off rotor/hub assembly, go to separate pieces,...... ugggg.... .pressed on........ ugggg. call shop, uggg..... not till tomorrow afternoon......nope, need truck now..... race to Harbor Freight in Wengs car (she needs for school volunteer today), back in a dazzling flash..... assemble press..... all goes very smooth.... Chinese quality.....one side of truck finished.........now for the other.......

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  1. Wish I was close enough for the trailer..
    The brakes show a strong Ford influence. The ones on my F150's are very similar. I have al;lways managed with a hammer and using a pare lug nut and some washers and a socket for a spacer to pull them back together..