Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Happy Moment For Music Lovers

Hello Again Music Lovers,

Tonight is the finals in the American Idol competition. My personal favorite is some sorta good. Crystal Bowersox by all accounts deserves to win. It will be an interesting show tomorrow night.

With all the trouble in the world it is really, really nice to see unknown talent shine.

Good on ya.


Lots Of Things

Good Morning Readers,

Hard to believe a week went by so fast! Blogging has become a luxury. Seems like my work/life/activity schedule is in the waste bin. Many things have happened in the world since my last posting. Let's see.....

Global Climate Change: Yup, got that. Doesn't take more than a quick peek at any news source now to see it's real. All of those 'po-po's' and nay sayers best check their beliefs in the old sand box of self denial. It's here and its for real and its gonna stay and we had better do something about it. April here in Western Oregon gave us record rain, record cold. May has been just as interesting. Is too much rain here or there a problem? Might be if you are a tomato plant. I wrote my political representatives about it the other day. They must be busy cause its still raining and they did not get back in touch.

Politics: Now, there is a good one. The Tea Party. Ok. My question is - what you gonna cut in the national budget, buck-o's? Lets just bring out the boogie-men of race, personal freedom and cost of a gallon of gasoline. Got to love the propaganda machine in Kentucky. What would Danial Boone do?

Oil: I say get the navy to work, surround the accountable oil spill dudes and tell them that the cannon will speak unless something is done and fast. I say get the army to work with shovels on the beach and vacuum cleaners in the swamps. Then bill the oil spill dudes for the cleanup. A swamp? If we can mobilize for war we can fix stuff with low tech.

The stock market: Invest in shovels. Ban war profiteering.


Our little family is still warm, dry and well fed. (while indoors, anyway)


It is enough to give you a headache.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Cant Sleep

Late Night For Me,

Raining and tired but not sleepy.......... listen to a little music........and then this sorta country jewel pops out....

enjoy this one, saddle lovers... click here.


Crazy Heart

Hello Movie Watchers,

Just in case you have not seen it, I would really, really, recommend that you take the time to watch and enjoy the movie 'Crazy Heart'. A little film starring Jeff Bridges as a broken down drunk of a washed up country western road house singer and his demons. Easy to see why he won the Oscar for his performance. The music is outstanding and is the brainchild of the very best musical producer alive - T Bone Burnett... Also for those who appreciate such things, check out the vintage guitars in the film, do I spy a Gibson b-35 and a Gretch, well, not certain what model that awesome guitar is..........

By the way Jeff Bridges does a lot of the singing and guitar playing in this movie. For a solo performance just click here.

Today it is raining on and off, around 60 degrees with a week of rain in the forecast.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crystal Bowersox

Hello Music Lovers,

Hard to believe, but as I put on my Oracle Of Aticama Hat, I find inspiration in the form of, believe it or not - American Idol. Now, as a lover of music, particularly live music, I have been less than thrilled about the 'talent' presented in that venue. Until now. Enter the competition several months ago one Crystal Bowersox, Semi-hillbilly girl from rural Ohio. Thick build, farmer smile, major dreddies, unmarried mother, tattooed, and full of corn fresh attitude with a voice (and command of it) that rivals every road house diabla diva that ever popped a sweet note since singing began. It is my humble prediction, and I am seldom wrong, that this wonderful living musical note will be the most amazing force since Madonna. Just click here and see if I am right.....


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mechanically Cool

Good Morning,

Yesterday was a mechanical day, and, all things considered, mechanically successful as one could expect. Mr. Musty Troder passed my vigorous 1 point road test - it stops! New front brakes, bled, greased, cleaned and shiny, leaving only a hole in my money pocket. Not to worry, interest on the old Santa Fe is high and I fully expect it to sell this evening. Zero gain, but zero loss. Well actually we now have a new 12 ton hydrolic shop press. I am thinking about experimenting with rammed adobe and the press may be the perfect tool!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adios Santa Fe, Hello Mazda Brakes

Good Morning Readers,

WELL NOW, my trusty Mazda, 'Musty Troder', has been working very hard lately - a zillion loads of rock, dirt and materials over the last month has killed the front brakes. I mean dead rotors and dont even think about driving it! Last night the new parts came in and Weng and I picked them up on the way to do the bi-weekly grocery shopping. Now the rig is up in the air and, guess what?, I am not familiar with the type of brake system. UGGG.... so, I am now waiting for my local parts house to call me back to let me know if they have a repair manual available.

MEANWHILE, this repair will cost money so we are selling our old Santa Fe camper trailer to pay for the parts - about $175.00. Cheap, yes, funky, yes but it has served us well as a storage unit. Lets see how long it will take to sell it......

Yikes! The phone is ringing.... got to go



Got the book - very good info..... pull off brake, clean, pull off rotor/hub assembly, go to separate pieces,...... ugggg.... .pressed on........ ugggg. call shop, uggg..... not till tomorrow afternoon......nope, need truck now..... race to Harbor Freight in Wengs car (she needs for school volunteer today), back in a dazzling flash..... assemble press..... all goes very smooth.... Chinese quality.....one side of truck finished.........now for the other.......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mexico Mothers Day

Ola Madre!

Click here to hear a nice studio version of James Taylor's 'Mexico'.....

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Mexico... here are a few photos of The Bird House in Aticama......


Mothers Day

Good Morning Children Of Mothers,

It is a lovely spring day here on the Bonny Slope, Oregon. No grumpy kids. Weng is happy with a forbidden apple fritter, 2 box's of chocolate, the Sunday paper and a new Japanese Maple Tree.

So, this goes out to her before I go out to work:

"I Love You Weng, you are my hero."


ps. you can click on these photos to make larger......

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Time

Hello Again Readers,

"Life is what happens while you are busy making plans."

john lennon

It has been an unusually cold and wet couple of months here in oregon. The children are all well and school is moving their fertile little brains along. The tomato's are in, the garden is tilled, the landfill for brush and garden trimmings is in, work is good, the bills are paid, Weng is in a good mood, my friends are in a good move and we are expecting record cold temperatures tonight...... i have to cover the tomato's and that is where tonights blog time went to....