Friday, April 16, 2010

Who Sunk The HMS James Bond?

Good Morning Readers,

It has been a busy time! We have been working, cutting the budget and paying off the bills. With projects around the house it doesn't leave a lot of time to blog. Ugg.... Yesterday I spent a little time preparing 'No. 2' for this coming winters trip to Aticama. No.2 is a 1968 Winnebago Brave, brought back from the brink of destruction at the last moment some years ago. Seems like it has a stuck brake or some ugly time eater like that.


Last week we received an old boat from Craigslist. Black and sleek, it instantly shot me back to the 1960's to my early teen years and James Bond. It looked so very familiar so I looked it up on the internet, and, sure enough, the same type of boat was in a Bond film, so, I named it the 'HMS James Bond'. WELL, Thomas and Kawena, Weng, Francis and I tossed it into the pond and it floated!! Seaworthy. Several days later my kids had turned into pirates.

Then, yesterday, when I returned home from work - "where is the James Bond?". It mysteriously sunk. No one knew why. Hmmmmm......
Some time later I winched it out of the very wet pond to the semi dry ground.....

What will become of this fine water craft?


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  1. Maybe it is meant for Mexico... Is it saltwater proof? Could it be sea going? Stay tuned.