Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something To Think About

Good Tuesday Morning,

Oregon Monsoon Season is hanging on a little longer this year than usual. Walking across the pond dam this morning I noticed the ducks seem a little agitated - spring is in the air, and, even though it is still very grey out, I can feel an electric spark about things. Leaves are stretching into form and everything feels new.

Feels good to be alive. Stealing moments from my day to write.
All for now........lots of good stuff on my mind.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Dirt & Work

Good Morning Readers,

WOW! Here we are, a week since my last post. Work and time. Weng has been pushing the garden work for the last two weeks. Yesterday I finished the tomato bed and planted a dozen....... things are going well - we are nearly caught up financially and have started putting things together for our return trip to Mexico this coming winter. The days are getting longer and this gives more time to sleep less.... (hummm.....?)

I miss blogging but it is a choice between the work, the children, reading and sleeping....



Friday, April 16, 2010

Who Sunk The HMS James Bond?

Good Morning Readers,

It has been a busy time! We have been working, cutting the budget and paying off the bills. With projects around the house it doesn't leave a lot of time to blog. Ugg.... Yesterday I spent a little time preparing 'No. 2' for this coming winters trip to Aticama. No.2 is a 1968 Winnebago Brave, brought back from the brink of destruction at the last moment some years ago. Seems like it has a stuck brake or some ugly time eater like that.


Last week we received an old boat from Craigslist. Black and sleek, it instantly shot me back to the 1960's to my early teen years and James Bond. It looked so very familiar so I looked it up on the internet, and, sure enough, the same type of boat was in a Bond film, so, I named it the 'HMS James Bond'. WELL, Thomas and Kawena, Weng, Francis and I tossed it into the pond and it floated!! Seaworthy. Several days later my kids had turned into pirates.

Then, yesterday, when I returned home from work - "where is the James Bond?". It mysteriously sunk. No one knew why. Hmmmmm......
Some time later I winched it out of the very wet pond to the semi dry ground.....

What will become of this fine water craft?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Friend Dies Yesterday

Good Sunday Morning,

Death came calling yesterday for our friend Linda. She was a human with 56 years on this earth. I met her about 24 years ago when she was a bass guitar player in a little local band called 'Born Blond' - a group I booked into my night club. She took a liking to my pal Bill who I have known for 43 years now and soon they became an inseparable couple. They lived together for many years and finally married soon after Weng and I got married. I was Bill's best man. Linda and I were not the best or closest of friends but I knew and respected her and her beliefs. More importantly - she took really, really good care of Bill and her love for him was beautiful. For Bill it was all Linda all the time. They fit.
It was Linda that gave me the image of John Lennons childhood door and that has always meant a lot to me. Linda was opinionated in a good way, had good taste and looked 'normal' but she had rock and roll in her heart and that was our unspoken common ground. She loved children and was a high school teacher and a damn good one. She left a light footprint on the earth and lived in an easy grace. Well loved, insightful, a mother of one brilliant boy and one of those rare people that you are glad to know is in your life, like a melody that you love and cherish. She will be missed by all.

It was a lovely day yesterday and today is bright and clear as our tears for Linda.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Off To The Movies

Good Sunday Morning,

The rain is getting to us. It is easter sunday and we normally in Aticama. In many ways, when here in fast america, Aticama seems like a warm and fancyful dream. Well, it is just to far to drive there for the weekend so instead we are going to the MOVIES!! Yea. So off to see........ tada......Alice In Wonderland in 3D!! Will it live up to the hype?

flash....... Weng is cocooning and is staying home.